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Pen Your Pride

Harry Styles *dirty fanfic*

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Chapter One

"Come on Liora!" Carry said. "Hold on! I have to put on my eyelashes!" I shouted down the stairs. I sat down at my makeup table and took a deep breath before I went out for the first time in months. I heard a noise come from downstairs that sounded like a man. I couldn't figure out whose voice it was. I finished putting on my false lashes and headed downstairs. "Damn girl, look at you!" Carry said and whistled. I saw her ex boyfriend next to her, Luke, and he was staring at me. I couldn't help but to glare at him because of what he'd done to Carry two months ago when they broke up. There was silence in the room for a few seconds, then Carry looked back and forth at both Luke and I, and then spoke, "So! Why don't we head out?" "Let's" said Luke. I followed behind Carry, in her tight saphire blue dress with black heels that made her only two inches taller. Luke was, of course, wearing jeans that sagged just about down to his knees, a plaid button up shirt, a snap-back, and some high-top sneakers. I kept my distance from the two "Love Birds" while we walked to the club in central London called "The Shadow Lounge". As I walked down the street dreading the moment we got to the club knowing I didn't have a date, I saw a man gazing at me in my emerald, short, skin-tight dress with silver heels,and I stared back at him, feeling my brows go down at slight angle, feeling kind of creeped out in a way. After a while of walking, we got to The Shadow Lounge and heard the pumping music from outside the club. I could feel my heart beating faster, and I was getting a bit shakey. The bouncer let us in and as we approached the dark open room, I could smell the desperation, sweat, and alcohol of everyone in there. "Come dance with us!" Carry shouted over the extremely loud music. "And what, be the third wheel? I'm all set, I'll go to the bar, thanks!" I said and walked away. "What can I get you?" the bartender asked. "Piña Colada, please!" I responded. About five minutes later, I had a ice-cold drink in front of me, calling my name. I took a first sip, and soon after that it was gone. I saw a figure sit next to me, glanced over at it quickly, and recognized the face. It was the man who was staring at me on the way here! The bartender came over and asked, "What can I get for you tonight, sir?" "I'll have a gin and tonic, and I'd like to get this beautiful young woman here a glass or chardonay, please." he said, throwing a few pounds onto the bar. Shortly after he ordered the drinks, there was a glass of wine in front of my face. I looked at it closely, observing every inch of it, making sure that the bartender hadn't done anything to it. "I'm not going to poison you, darling." He said with a heavy british accent. "And how am I supposed to trust a man who buys me my favorite kind of wine, without even knowing my name?" I asked him. "Don't worry about it. When you're finished, I was hoping we could dance together." He suggested. I thought about it for a minute, then a girl came over to him. "I know who you are!!!" She screamed at him. "Sign my back, Harry!" she said lifting up the back of her dress, showing us her thong. "I think you need to leave, please." he said to the girl, politely, yet sternly while gently pushing her away. "So I see you must be famous." said sarcasticaly. "Well yes, but she must have been drunk." He said cheekily. "I've never seen you anywhere... How are you famous?" I questioned. "I'm Harry Styles, from One Direction." He answered. "And I'm Liora, from... well... nowhere famous." I said laughed.

Chapter Two

One Direction? Who the hell is "One Direction"? "So about that dance..." He suggested. "What about it?" I asked, looking at the glass of wine that was still mostly full. "Will you?" He asked. I hesitated, then answered, "Sure, why not?" He got out of his seat, and held out his hand for me to take, and so I did. We waked out to the floor getting closer, and closer to the loud speakers with bass so high you could feel your brain shaking. He stood behind me, and I started to grind on him. I fet that it was a little wrong, but hey, I was catching a buzz, so I didn't think much of it. I felt his breath on the back of my neck and I started to get very into this dance. I started to feel something grow along the back or my leg, and slowed down my dancing. He quickly turned me around so that I was facing him, and planted one on my lips, hard. I fell into a trance and went with it. Soon, we were making out n the middle of the dance floor, with the majority of the club staring at us. Carry and Luke came over and said that they were ready to leave. I told them that they could, and that I was going to be home later. "Later? Or Tomorrow?" Harry whispered in my ear. I chuckled and said, "Depends." "On..?" He questioned me. "What happens later tonight." I said and winked. He winked back, and continued to kiss me.

Chapter Three

I found myself at the bar next to Harry, yet again. Drinking a martini with salt around the rim, and Harry drinking a beer. I learned to really like this man. I kept thinking to myself, should I go home with him tonight? No, Liora. It's not right. You just met him. But, on he other hand, he is really attractive and sweet. But I can't. I won't. Will I? "Let's go!" Harry said excitedly. Yup, I'm going. "Coming!" I replied. As we left the club, people were staring at us. The drunk girl from earlier, who seemed ten times more drunk than before, apprached us. "Who is this whore, Harry?! You don't even know her! You're brining her home? What's her name? What's her age? Huh? Jesus, Harry! You're so fucking stupid!" she shouted. "Look," I started, "I'm not one to judge, but I don't think I'm the whore here. I didn't come over to Harry, tell him to sign my back, lift my dress, and show off my v-string. I don't need someone like YOU to be insulting ME when you should have been cut off the alcohol 10 drinks ago. Have a good evening, ma'am." Harry patted me on the back, and I felt good about myself. I thought, "Wow, I stood up for myself to some stupid hoe." As we started to walk out of the club, I felt something hard hit me in the face, and then I looked in front of me. The stupid slut was behind some woman who looked extremely trashy. She had bleach-blonde hair the was in an updo, silver eye liner surrounding her blue eyes, bright red lipstick, and a florescent blue bustier witha black skirt that looked about six inches long and barely covered her personals. She had a nasty look on her face, wile mine was bleeding. I felt the pain in my nose, and then touched it. My hand got covered in blood. I looked at her staring at Harry, then she said, "Who the fuck is this, Haz? Some whore you just picked up at the bar and now you're taking her home? You'll never change, Harry. Never!" Harry took my hand and walked me out of the club. He took some tissues out of his pocket and gently tilted my head back. He started to pat the tissues onto my nose, wiping away all the blood. I was severely pissed off. What did she mean, "You'll never change"? Is this his way of picking girls up to get his fix? For somone who was drunk, I was thinking pretty straight. Soon after all the blood was gone, he stroked my face and said, "You're still beautiful." "Thanks." I said in a snobby way. "What's wrong?" he asked. "You'll never change? You picked up a 'whore' from the bar? Jesus! I thought you were different! I was hoping to go home with you tonight and have a good time, but no! Apparently this is just what you do. Don't even bother with me, I'm done." I said and started to walk away. "Stop," Harry said and gently grabbed my arm. "I have never, done that.To anyone. The woman that punched you in the face, she's my ex. The first time we met was at a bar, and she was all over me, and I wasn't really into her. Then she started to drink and order rounds of shots. She tilted my head back multiple times, throwing the shots down my throat. Soon after that, I was extremey drunk. I vaguely remember taking her to her house, then having her pull me in. Yes, we did things, and I soon grew to like her, but obviously there's a reason I broke up with her. She's nuts. And she's a whore. She cheated on me. She just thinks that because I dated her, and she is a whore, that anyone I bring home is one as well." "Harry," I started to cry, "I thought I as starting to like you, and then this happened. I don't know what to believe." "Believe me." He said, pulling me in and kissing me. As the kiss got longer and longer, I started to believe him. When we stopped kissing, he brought me to his car, and we were on our way to his flat. Once there, he came over, opened my car door, and guided me to his door.

Chapter Four

We got inside his flat and took of our shoes. He took both of my hands and started down the hallway to his room. We got into his room and I started to feel my palms and feet sweat a little. "Harry," I said quietly, "are you sure about this?" He smiled, his dimples looked perfect. "I'm positive, babe." he said.He shut the door behind him and then leaned me up against it. He pinned my arms at my sides and started to kiss me. He slowly made his way down to kissing my neck. I felt his hands release from my wrists and make their way up to the top of my dress. I decided that it was time for me to move my hands as well, so I placed them just so they were lightly pulling on the bottom of his shirt. I felt my dress slowly slipping down off my body, and then hit my feet. I pulled his shirt up and over his head and then made my way to his belt. He took my hands and put them back against the wall. "I'm not finished yet." He said starting to kiss me again, and putting his hands on my back and undoing my bra. I moved my hands quickly to catch my bra before it fell off of my breasts. "Let it go." Harry whispered. I hesitated, and let it fall onto the floor. I felt my heart racing, and al the thoughts running through my mind about what was going to happen tonight. I moved my hands up to his luscious curls, and started to twist them with my fingers. I felt my hair being tugged on a bit, and the felt it cascade down my back. He pulled it to my left side and had it falling over my shoulder so I could see the long, brown strands that went down to my belly button. His smooth touch heading further, and further south. I noticed his thumbs tucked into the sides of my thong. He pulled it ever so gently down my legs, and by then, I was completey naked. He stopped kissing me and said, "Your turn babe." and smirked. I looked deep into his light teal eyes while he stared into my hazels. I felt really nervous. I didn't know what to do. I just remembered where I had left off, and went there. I treaded my hands down oward his belt. I undid it, and then went for the pants. I undid his button and unzipped his zipper. I took his pants by the belt loops and tore them down his legs. "If you had wanted me to go faster on you, you should have said something." He said and winked. I winked at him back. I went to m knees and puled down his boxers. I saw his boner rise from his legs to his stomach. He was looking down at me, biting his lip. I looked back up at him. I smirked and wrapped my mouth around it. I started to suck it and looked up at him. He threw his head back in pleasure. He let out a moan. "God Li, this is so fucking good." He said. I started to deep throat and I could tell he liked it. He picked me up and starting making out with me. He started walking me backwards and then he pushed me onto his bed. "You're gonna love this." He said and smiled. I had so muc going through my mind, what was he going to do? I soon figured it out. I felt these warm kisses on my inner thighs. I felt a finger trailing up my thigh towards my.. well, you know. I felt it slip inside me, "God babe, you're so wet." He said biting his lower lip. He started pumping his finger in me. "God Harry!" I shouted. All of a sudden felt something warm and wet hit my clit. He was tonguing me! "Harry! Fuck! This is so good!" After a few minutes, he stopped. He got ontop of me and was hovering over me. He leaned down to kiss me. He rolled me over so he was on the bottom. I sat down on his length. He let out a slight moan whil I let out a louder one. I started to ride him and then he pulled out. He rolled me back over onto my back so that he was on top. He thrusted into me. I screamed in pleasure. "Harry!" I screamed. He started to get a bit sloppy with his thrusts and then pulled out. He pulled me up and said, "Suck it, quick!" I did as he said. "Okay, alrigt you can stop." He said huskily. He came all over my breasts and then collapsed on the bed next to me. "Well, that was fun." He said. I rolled over to face him, and kissed him. After that, we stayed up just talking the night away.

There you go guys! First time ever writing one. Tell me what you think!
Also.. I'm thinking for my next fanfic, I'll do a dark one like slave type thing.. If you want it, comment so I know, then follow me so you can see it!!(: xx

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