The Mission Pt. 2

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She opened the doors and her heels clacked their way in on the hard tile flooring. She smiled at the five prisoners she had brought together.

Jimin glared at her, finally conscious enough to try and channel his powers. But it wasn't working; he couldn't see their auras and he couldn't shoot a lazer from his hand.

Taehyung felt his eyes sparking but that's all they were doing. He couldn't bring forth his electrical powers and when Jin tried to use his strength to break free, he met with stuttered breathing for trying so hard.

The fourth person soon stills gainer his straps. They had all been strapped to tables that for now stood upright.

Michael stared at the fourth. His face was the most irritated the first with had ever seen. She grinned at Michael's disbelief at who he was seeing.

She came to stand in front of them and exhaled happily.

"Do you boys know what today is?" She smiled, but none of them answered, "Today is the day of reckoning. You'll all die and I'll be the most powerful all over again. It's poetry really."

"It's poetry " Taehyung mocked and as Jimin began to chuckle, the guards laid them out with two punches to their jaws and one to their stomachs.

Jimin coughed up blood while Taehyung spat it on the guard's shoe.

"'ll have to do better than that, tinker bell," Taehyung said annoyed

Jimin belly laughed at his brother's antics before they both received more beatings.

"Hey! Fucking stop!" Jin shouted

"What? Stop? But they started it!" The first witch pouted before bursting with laughter, "alright boys, lighten up." She wiped a tear away as she still slightly chuckled.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to seriously harm you until what's left of the others arrive."

"What's...left?" Jin hissed

But she only smiled at Jin before slowly stalking towards him. She studied his face as he frowned at her, "You have changed so much Julius. You'd never have stood up to me's fascinating to see."

"What? What are you talking about?" Jimin asked; as Jin was too bothered to respond.

"Anywho," she spun on her heels and turned away, "We have much to discuss when they arrive. Bye-bye for now."

They watched as she walked out of the dark and cold room. She was leaving them with empty sounds of the room settling and their bare feet pushing against the cold, hard cement flooring.

They waited patiently, unaware of what was to come. They couldn't even see the screens anymore that showed the others. The door closed and they were consumed by darkness.

"I'm sorry." Alan crept out

"Shut the fuck up. You don't get to speak." Michael sneered

Though you couldn't see it due to the lack of lights, Jimin and Taehyung made odd faces, as to say 'that's not my business.'.

"It wasn't supposed to happen like this Mike. weren't supposed to be involved—"

"I said shut. Up. You fucking traitor." Michael was clenching and unclenching his fist. "I don't understand how I didn't know it was you...the glasses? No...maybe the new haircut? Or it could've been because I've been fighting for my fucking life since I came in here."

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