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Chaper 12

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Hard language. Read at your own risk. You have been warned. 😅

"Not right now Tony," Elly said. She now hated Ziva. She left them. And she comes back out of nowhere And brings a killer with her? And her team, now going head over heals for her.

"She is everything to me Bishop." tony snapped back. "I need to see her."

"I will talk to the Doctors Tony." McGee said softly wondering what has gotten into Bishop.

"They will say no." She said.

"Bishop." McGee scolded.

She shrugged off the glared from the men in the room.

"Anyway... To lighten the mood," McGee smiled. "What do you see in your future with Ziva?"

"I see us getting married with two kids running around in a small house on the outskirts of DC." Tony whispered thinking about his future.

"If you survive this," Elly mumbled crossing her arms over her chest.

McGee heard what she had said. "Bishop." He spat. "Outside. Now."

She turned on her heels and headed out the door, clearly pissed. McGee followed wanting to know what the hell had gotten into their usually upbeat and happy partner.

"What the Hell is wrong with you?!" McGee scolded angrily.

"What do you think? Ziva came-" Bishop said longing out Zivas name.

"Stop. Just stop acting like a jealous teenager." McGee yelled furiously, making nurses and doctors turn there heads, but mcGee didn't care.

"She brings a killer after Tony. Not to mention that... Ugh! I read her old NCIS file, she slept with a foreign National McGee!! How can you trust her? She has done nothing. NOTHING for you. And you act like she is the center of NCIS. Its not like she is responsible for her own actions." bishop snapped. Her face filled with tarrier after she just witnessed what she had just said. "Mcgee..."

"No!!" He yelled slamming his hands against her shoulders and pushed her into the closest wall. "You will not talk about her like that. You know nothing about Ziva. Our Ziva." He let the petrified agent go. "Now leave. Before I need to complete more paperwork." He grinned his teeth.

"You don't know what you are getting yourselves into with that slut." Bishop mumbled walking away.

McGee was about to go after the jealous and angry NCIS agent but sighed and went back inside Tonys room instead.

"What was that about?" Tony asked in his original raspy voice.

"Elly is extremely jealous of Ziva right now i guess." McGee explained. "I mean, she never called anyone a slut or..."

"What? She called Zi a what? Why?" He hissed. Clearly angry once again. McGee was afraid this would happen. Tonys heart monitor rapidly sped up with the fuel from his anger.

"She brought up Zivas past with when she slept with Adam back in Israel." McGee spoke firmly but slowly. This was old news but had the agency in uproars.

"Oh." Tony said calming down.

"Yea.. Well, i have to go. Im sure Gibbs wants to see you, not to mention Ducky and Abby." McGee sacredly laughed.

Before McGee could leave the room a siren bladted through the hospital and nurses and doctors from every direction went running toward no other than Zivas Room.

One was smart enough to stop in. "Agent McGee," she heaved. "We have an emergency with Ms. David."

heres the next chapter. I AM going to kill off someone in this book. I have a feeling i know who it is going to be but you never know!

Thanks for reading this horrible chapter!


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