The simplest of things are so hard

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hey all! I got a request for some fluff, so yeah. Not really sure what you'd call this, but it's here! Enjoy! Sorry it's really short!

"Oh come on! It's that simple!" You groaned, in front of you sat Bill, it amazed you how he knew all the mysteries and secrets of the world, had infinite knowledge and could take over the world in 3 minutes but he couldn't even work out how to do certain...human things.

"Im sorry (name)! I'm not from earth, I don't know how to do these type of things!" He said, a panicked tone in his voice.

"For the last time, watch me and do the same." You said slowly as Bill crossed his arms.

"I'm not a child, (name)." He said, rolling his eyes.

"Well your acting like one! 3 year olds can do a better job!" You complained, "Just watch." Bill scowled and studied you carefully as you slowly picked up a glass full of orange juice, placed it to your lips and took a sip. At the same time Bill began to do the same thing, successfully taking a sip, unfortunately forgetting to swallow and so orange juice dripped out of his mouth and onto his suit. You groaned again as Bill started to laugh hysterically.

"Bill!" You yelled, frustrated that you two had been here for over an hour, learning the same freakin thing.

"HAHA!! Oh Im *gasp* sorry (nickname)" He laughed unable to control himself. "I'm not quite used to this human body yet!" He gasped as a lone tear rolled down his face.

"Ok, we'll do this one more time." You said rubbing your temples, Bill snickered and picked up the glass again, taking a sip and this time holding it in his mouth, not swallowing. He smiled, terribly might I mind you with juice in his mouth. You raised and eyebrow. "What are you doing? Just swallow it." He stifled a laugh, "Bill." You said wearily.

Bill couldn't hold it anymore, he burst out laughing, sending the orange juice spurting out of his mouth and onto you, covering your hair and top. He cackled like an idiot, pointing and smirking.

"BILL!!" You screamed as he flew quickly to your living room, along with the orange juice. "Come back!"

You reached the living room, to see Bill lounging on the sofa, Tv remote in one hand and his orange juice in the other hand. He took a long sip and swallowed, letting out a satisfied 'ahhh', before turning his head and noticing your presence, well acknowledging it anyway.

"Honestly (name) you should know that I'm not that stupid." He smirked.

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