Last Summer (malexmale)

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"It's a classic love story!" I said, "Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl start dating and being all cute and couple-y, and-"

"And boy falls in love with his best friend instead?" Maria interjected, raising her eyebrows at me.

"Yeah, exact-wait, what? N-No!"


Mickey Lynn had a classic summer romance-only it lasted past the summer. A beautiful girlfriend, a loving family, and friends who all supported him. He was happy with his girlfriend Lexi, but there was one problem:

His best friend Allen Woolf had gotten distant.


Allen had known it wasn't fair to begrudge his best friend-his straight best friend, he had to remind himself-a girlfriend and a happy relationship. No matter how much he was in love with said best friend. He would rather them be happy together than miserable apart.

But a drunken escapade with their other friends might just reveal Allen's long hidden feelings and make Mickey realize that he hadn't gotten quite what he wanted that summer.



Sorry I'm still complete and utter shit at summaries, but I've gotten lightyears better at writing (just ask anyone who's read my old stuff compared to my newer shorts) But, uh, yeah, I might be getting back into the writing thing??? If I have time. I have work this summer and it's gonna be a very long summer indeed since I just graduated and am now saving up for community college in the spring. But I mean I might have free time at work and such where I can just...write. And I'll have at least one, maybe two days a week off. But, yeah, I might just play around with this idea anyway.

So, yeah, peace out bitches

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