Smoking and Lying

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(Kayla's P.O.V.)

I was leaned up against the wall of the mall hanging with a few friends as we smoked some ciggarettes.

I had just taken a hite off mine when I felt someone pick me up and spin me around. I laughed and when they set me down I looked at the person, it was Jayden, my boyfriend.

"Hey baby how's bout you and me take a trip back to my house" he said his forehead pressed against mine.

"You know I can't babe what will my dad say, or my Uncles, I can't have them put me under house arrest" I said. (In real life I'm under house arrest by my mother)

"Come on live a little Kay" he said.

"Jay enough I don't want to get in trouble for something you did" I said.

He took the ciggarette out of my hand, "oh yea and what about this huh? What will daddy say when he finds out?" he mocked.

I grabbed it back, "that is for my to know and you never to find out" I put it plain and simple.

After we all finished the ciggarettes we had we started to walk each other home, my friends live on the way to my house, all but Jayden he lives like two more blocks passed my house.

When I walked up the driveway I thanked god none of the boys were home so I could take a shower and wash the clothes with the smell on them.

"Welcome home Kay" I heard Liam's voice say.

Shit! "Oh uh hey Liam" I said awkwardly.

"Something wrong love?" Zayn asked coming out of the kitchen.

"No nothings wrong why would you ask that?" I asked.

"Just wondering" he said leaning against the door frame of the kitchen door.

"Hey Kayla Bayla" dad said walking in from upstairs.

I froze, DAMNIT! Why does this always got to be me!?

"Hey daddy" I said sweetly.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"Nothing why?" I asked.

"You don't call me daddy unless you've done something or you want something, and seeing by your not giving me puppy dog eyes you did something, so what is it?" he asked.

Damn he knows me better then I do. Hehe that reminds me of a song, where the singer goes 'he knows your body better then you do' I love that song.

"Oh no I just wanted to call you-" I was cut off by someone getting to close to me.

"KAYLA TOMLINSON!" Zayn shrieked.

I flinched at his loud booming voice, "I'm sorry" I muttered.

"What is Zayn?" dad asked.

Zayn grabbed my bicep and pulled me over to dad, "smell her arm and tell me what you smell?" Zayn said.

Dad sniffed my arm and his eyes went huge, "Kayla Faith Tomlinson! Have you been smoking!?" dad yelled.

I shrunck in my spot, "no..." I tried to lie.

"Kayla you smell like ciggarette smoke, were you hanging out with those skater kids again?" he said.

"There my friends dad, and yea I was and so what if I was smoking it doesn't do anything to me!" I shouted back outraged he would say such a thing about my friends.

I felt a very sharp crisp swat come in contact with my backside, "do not raise you voice at us young lady" Zayn warned.