It was the second day of filming, today we were finally starting to compete against each other.

I was both excited and extremely nervous, today someone was going to get eliminated and I was just praying that wasn't me.

I was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast on one of the stools as the cameras were shooting Holly and Cara having a conversation.

Probably planning against every single person in this house. They were both extremely determined on winning which confused me since only one of them was going to win. If they paired up I could only imagine the car fights that would happen.

I've started to talk to everyone in this house and they all seem like really nice people.

Especially Grace, we just seemed to click. She was extremely pretty and I could just tell she was going to get far, probably even win this thing.

"Ms Grande" someone says making me jump nearly spilling my cereal on myself. I turn to the person who said my name to find a man who looks to be about in there thirties and was wearing a very professional looking suit.

"Yes that's me" I say. I had never seen this guy which was weird since they introduced you to all the camera man and everything on the first day.

"Please follow me" he says as I give him a hesitant nod. I put my bowl quickly into the sink before cautiously walking behind him.

He obviously wasn't anyone bad since no one in this house has even reacted to his presence.

He led me over to the elevator which was the only way of getting to the third floor of this mansion where all the producers slept. Contestants were defiantly not aloud to go up there.

"Mr Irwin is waiting for you" he says making me furrow my eyebrows and quickly shake my head. If I got caught I would be kicked off the show.

"No I'm not aloud up there" I say quickly as I try backing away.

"Mr Irwin specifically asked for you, no one will find out" he says as I nod and walk into the already open elevator and the doors close behind me.

The elevator slowly started making it's way up as I rested on the walls.

The doors finally opened as I walked out making sure no one was around.

Once I saw that there were names on the doors I knew it wouldn't be that hard to find Ashton. I followed the doors until I came to the name Ashton and quietly knocked on the door.

"Come in" a voice says on the other side of the door. I open the door as I see Ashton walking around a room which seemed like an office. His hair was flowing freely as he was wearing a flannel and black skinny jeans.

"You wanted to see me" I say as I close the door behind me and Ashton nods as he gives me a smile.

"Yeah, well yesterday I felt really bad cause your bag was extremely heavy" he says making me cheer.

"I knew it" I say cutting him off covering my mouth after for how loud I was making Ashton laugh.

"Yeah well I heard something break so I decided to give you this" Ashton as he reaches behind his desk and pulls something out that was in a box.

I started walking closer seeing that it was a box for a hair straightener making me furrow my eyebrows.

"How did you know?" I question as I look back down at the box. Once I had gotten my bag in my room I had found out that my hair straightener had I fact broken from the fall.

"It was just a random guess" he shrugs as he hands me the box.

"Thank you" I say as I take it an give him a smile "I really shouldn't be up here though"

"Don't worry I promise they won't catch you" he says as he sits behind his desk grabbing a pill of papers.

"How can you be so sure?" I question looking around his office seeing heaps of pictures of his designs which I had spent days looking at wishing I had the money for it.

"That guy that led you here, his my private spy, I know they say I can't talk to contestants, but he makes it happen" Ashton says as he continuous to look down at his papers "I didn't choose for that to happen I want to talk to you guys get to know you"

"Never would I have thought that Ashton Irwin would be going against rules" I say chuckling as I lift the box up holding it with both of my hands.

"There's a lot you don't know about me" he says as I turn around to look at him and his finally looking back at me.

"Well I would love to know but apparently my futures in your hands" I say as I give him a smile before heading towards the door and letting myself out.

I'm really beginning to regret packing a hair straightener.


This was probably so boring I'm sorry but I just wanted something to happen between Ariana and Ashton so bam there it is and I hope you liked it

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