Change of Plans

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"Anything?" You ask Law when he sat down next to you at dinner.

"There's no fences to keep us in actually, apparently everyone is here of their own free will except us," Law replies.

"Seems like a lot of them don't know how to control their abilities.... But still, so many 'Souless' in one place.... Kinda feels safe... Like we don't have to hide..." You murmur.

"But if the normals find out, we could become a target," He points out. You frown. Blinking at all the conversing Souless, you couldn't help but feel kinship with them,

"I.... I want to protect them..." You murmur. Law blinks and looks over at you.

"Then we're staying?" He asks.

"You don't have to," You reply.

"You stay, I stay... There's nothing else to it," Law replies bluntly. You smile and finish eating.

"Play?" You ask perking up. He chuckles.

"I'm not done eating yet though," He tells you.

"Aw..." You pout.

"Hey Leader!" Luffy chimes, coming up with Sabo and Ace.

"What's wrong?" Sabo asks.

"She wants to play," Law informs them.

"We'll play with you," Ace offers.

"Really!?" You gasp, making the brothers chuckle.

"Sure, itll be fun," Ace comments.

"Can I?" You ask Law, starting to get up. He looks at you and chuckles.

"Why are you asking me?... She plays like a puppy, so don't be surprised if she nips at you." Law tells them.

"I've always wanted a puppy," Luffy chuckles.

"Yay! Lets go play!" You cheer heading out and into the grass. They follow curiously. You turn to them starting to pivot Luffy chuckles and comes at you. You grin and pounce him, knocking him on his back. You nip his shoulder playfully sensing the other two moving to either side of you. Luffy lightly pushes you back, giggling slightly. Ace knocks you over and you both start wrestling, Sabo and Luffy jump in and it turns into everyone for themselves wrestling match. You and the brothers were having so much fun, laughing and playing, that none of you noticed the audience that had gathered to watch curiously. After some time. You were all laying in the grass grinning like idiots, still chuckling. Your head rested on Sabo's stomach, you had Ace in a slight headlock, and Luffy was pinned under your legs.

"Shishishi! I like our house leader!" Luffy chuckles.

"Yeah, you're pretty cool," Ace says, patting your arm that still rested over his neck.

"Sure are different," Sabo murmurs. Someone clears their throat and you all look over at the red head with goggles. "Oh, uh, hey Kid," Sabo greets, starting to blush as he takes in the audience that had been watching. Kid scowls.

"Are you really supposed to be our leader?" He asks you as you and the guys sit up.

"Apparently," You say sheepishly.

"What a joke, you don't care about us, you don't even want to--" He breaks off when you get up and bring his face to your chest and hug his head.

"Aw. You need a hug huh big guy?" You murmur. He tries to free his face, ranting muffled by your chest. "Relax, we're allies, I'll take care of all of you... Souless need to stick together, so have some faith in my crazy ways," You tell everyone, releasing Kid. He gasps for air and glares at you.

"Glad to hear that you've come around, I was afraid I'd have to fight with that monster inside you," Sengoku comments.

"Don't let your guard down just yet uncle," You respond. "Anyway, where did you put my things?" You question.

"Your house dorm, room 129," He informs you.

"Eh? 129!?" Sabo echoes.

"Yes, do you mind having a roommate, dorm president?" Sengoku inquires. You blink and look back at Sabo to see him blushing slightly, his blue orbs flicker to yours and he swiftly looks down.

"N-no..." He murmurs.

"Then ___, you will be sharing a room with your dorm president," Sengoku tells you.

"What about Law?" You ask.

"He'll be in room 130," He answers. Kid whirls his head around at that.

"What?!" He demands.

"Is there a problem with that Mr. Eustass?" Sengoku inquires.

"Why are you putting the friend of the weirdo in my room--" A growl cuts him off and everyone looks at you.

"Don't be rude to Law," You breathe.

"Easy ___," Law soothes, touching your neck. You relax at that. "She's not weird, just different," He tells Kid.

"There's no other rooms I can put him in. Unless you prefer to share a room with your leader," Sengoku tells him.

"No." Kid sighs. You frown, what was this guy's problem with you?

"___, w-would you like me to show you to the room now?" Sabo inquires, drawing your attention.

"Oh, sure," You tell him before turning to Law.

"Checking in?" Law guesses with a smirk.

"Mhm," You yawn. He gives you a hug and swift kiss on the cheek.

"Sleep well," He murmurs as you hug him back.

"You too Law!" You breathe before following after Sabo. The blond leads you into the building, glancing over at you carefully.

"Sorry you can't share a room with your boyfriend," He says. You blink and look at him in confusion.

"Boyfriend? Law's not my boyfriend, he's my best friend," You explain. He relaxes a bit at that.

"Oh... That's why you two seem close," He comments.

"Yeah, sorry for invading your room by the way." You tell him. He chuckles at that.

"Not at all, Sengoku told me I'd be sharing a room with the house leader. I've actually been waiting for you to show up for like a month now," He admits sheepishly.

"Really?... So you were just surprised that I'm a girl?" You guess.

"Yes.... Sorry," He says, opening the door to the room.

"It's fine, I'm surprised myself... You must be a really good guy for my uncle to put me in your room," You reply not hesitating to kick off your shoes and crawl into a bed.

"Uh... That's my..." He trails off seeing you instantly pass out. "... Goodnight..."

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