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Pen Your Pride

Dean walked in on Sam and Castiel as they watched TV boringly. He held two grocery bags and slammed them down noisily. Sam looked up.

"Sam, Cas," Dean nodded. Cas didn't react. "I think we should... relax this weekend. Maybe we could go to the park or go out for wings!"

Sam made a face. "Sounds okay. Yeah, I think it would be healthy if we took a break from all this world-saving crap. What d'you think, Cas?"

Cas didn't look away from the TV. He snapped out of his revere and looked up to Dean. "Mm!" he grunted to the brothers.

Sam shrugged. "That's a yes I suppose."

                                                                         -          -          -

The men walked through the children's park on the way to the coffee shop. Castiel was uneasy as the kids ran screaming around him and the two others. Sam rolled his eyes along with Dean.

"These people have to learn to keep track of their kids." Sam said, eyeing all the mothers gossiping on the park bench.

"I hear that! Literaly, these kids won't shutup! except that little girl, she's adorable." Dean smiled.

The little girl skipped up to the three men. She jumped up and down, exclaiming that she was a bunny. She jumped extra high and wrapped her arms around Castiel's neck. Cas froze, along with the two others. None of them moved as she giggled, swinging back and forth on his strong neck. Sam looked to the mothers, who just laughed at Castiel. Sam sighed as he watched castiel relax his shoulders.

"Can they smell fear?" Cas asked.

Dean laughed. "Sometimes they cam smell pretty scary."

The little girl began to sing a lullaby. Cas made a sound in the back of his throat. "Why do I suddenly want to snuggle her?"

Sam smiled. "Because she's a little girl! I guess we found Cas' weakness." He looked at Dean, who chuckled.

Castiel smiled down at the little girl. She smiled up to him. Castiel picked her up and brought her over to the other kids. She spread out her arms.

"Wee! I'm a birdie!" She cried.

The mothers smiled as Castiel put her down. The other children gathered around, asking to be birds aswell. Castiel gave them all turns to ride on his shoulders. Sam and Dean stood and laughed. Dean suddeny had the thought that if Castiel got too carried away, he'd look like a pedophile. Dean broke it up and dragged Cas to the coffee shop.

The men stood around the table, getting ready to go back home from the cafe. Castiel was farely silent the whole time. Dean had to ask.

"So, how do you like kids?"

Castiel coughed. "I like them more than you two assbutts." 

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