Chapter One

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I also want to point out that Finn Andrews name was originally Killian but I (tried to) change it to Finn so if you see the name Killian please point it out so I can edit it out as I probably missed it more than a few times while changing it to Finn.~~

{Chapter One}




Run faster!

Don't look back!

My body struggles to push me through the forest and I feel myself slow down. Until I remember those blood red eyes that had stared into my very soul. My body automatically pushes further until my feet hit pavement, indicating that I have finally hit the main road.

I'm safe, at least for now anyway. I sigh in slight relief once I've caught my breath, and start walking the short way to my truck.

As I walk I hear a snap and I immediately turn in all directions to make sure I didn't see those blood red eyes again, and I then shrug in relief when I see nothing but a small white rabbit running out of the forest. I quickly walk to my slightly old black truck to drive back to my house. When I get to my house I quickly turn the truck off and go into my house, ignoring my mom who's passed out on the couch with beer bottles scattered around.

She used to be beautiful; her green eyes resembled the dark green leaves in nature, her auburn red hair used to be silky, straight and long, while her skin used to be a healthy golden tan. She used to have the body of a swimmer, she loved to swim. But then it all went downhill when my dad took nearly everything in a bitter divorce, leaving us for a new family.

Now my mother is sickly pale from so much drinking, she's lost her beautiful figure, her hair is no longer thick and beautiful but rather thinning and gray. Her green eyes are no longer bright, now are just a dull green, always hazed over from alcohol. Now she just lays around the house, getting drunk and relying on a distant relative that apparently took pity on us so now they send us more then enough money every month to survive since my mother lost her job.

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