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This first post actually refers to several things. One, being a B vampire movie I just watched and two being the conversation Leah and I were having while walking home. In true Jessica fashion, I'll start with the second one.

The story starts with my PVR-ing a movie: Suck staring a bunch of people: Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Malcolm McDowell just being the notable ones. I mentioned to Leah that I would be going home to watch this movie before my parents get home because Suck sounds a bit like a porno (It wasn't, there was no nudity at all in the movie). Anyways, she brought up the brilliant point of Parent's aversion to the word 'Suck'.

I mean, how many of you have gotten in trouble for saying something sucks? Rarely is the literal term meant by this expression so commonly used in society. I know, nine times out of ten, I don't mean something literaly sucks dick. (excuse my language) I just mean that something isn't sucks.

I believe I overestimated how long it would take to talk about the word 'suck'....

So, the movie was pretty decent. It was funny at times and I fell in love with Malcolm McDowell. Again.

This is where it gets kinky, my droogies, (not really) and you can expect much more talking about old men. Nothing creepy, though.

During the closing credits of the movie, Malcolm McDowell was joking about how he was the only one in the movie not to have a song, and how he enjoyed bursting out randomly into song. It was adorable, and unfortuantely I could not find the video on YouTube (I deleted the recording) so I cannot share the wonder. I think it's a 'You had to be there' kind of moment.

While on the topic of Malcolm McDowell, isn't he great in 'A Clockwork Orange'? If you haven't seen that, and you're at least sixteen I highly recommend it. For all the sex and boobs it's a hilarious movie. I actually got to go and see it at the AMC movie festival in theatres a few weeks back. I'll put links to some of my favourite and the funniest scenes in the bottom, if you're interested. Anyways, Malcolm McDowell. I saw A Clockwork when I was...probably younger than I should've been and fell in love (in the most liberal sense of the word) with him and his portrayal. I guess that was my pathetic rebelious stint... you know how girls are attracted to bad boys? Yeah.

This of course, doesn't mean I would have sex with him or anything like that. I've come to admire him as an actor and I think he's a very dedicated and talented actor.

Does anyone else find old people adorable? Like puppies? No? Just me? That's fine. I suppose that's a topic for another day.

Video Clips: I don't think any of these are explicit, but they are from 'A Clockwork Orange' so watch with caution and I hope you enjoy them. I will post them in the comments below, because I don't think you can have more than one video in the side bar and you can't copy and paste on this page.

 Another note, I've put the trailer for suck in the sidebar.

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