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* * * *

    It was now nighttime. Finney, Y/N, and I hanging out in sister's Y/N room.

    Every sense sister had gone missing, we've been spending most of our time in her room.

    It's the only room in this house that we feel safe in staying in.

    Y/N's room was the place where it actually felt like home. Y/N was the person that kept this family together.

    And now she's gone.

    Y/N was sitting on the floor with Finney, helping him with his history homework.

    She was good with the history stuff. Just like how our sister is good in it, too.

    Both Y/N's seemed to have a lot in common. Voice, appearance, and especially the personality.

    "Thanks for helping me out, Y/N." Finney thanks,

    "Of course," Y/N reply's, with a smile.

    Crossing my leg's, I say

    "Hey, Finn. That was so cool on what you did in the hallway, back at school! You really beat the crap out of those bullies!" Finn smiles, slightly.

    "Thanks. It's something that Y/N would be proud of me doing. For defending myself. To-"

    "Never take shit from anybody." Y/N interrupts, finishing the sentence.

    Finn raises his brows, looking at Y/N.

    "Ya....h-how'd you know that quote? Y/N only ever said those words to me, only." Finn explains.

    Y/N's face starts to turn pale,

    "U-uhm, the quote just sounded familiar to something I've heard from my friend before. T-that's all....yaa." Y/N reply's. Making no eye contact.

    Shocked, I say

     "Woah! You already have a best friend, here?? What's their name?" I ask, leaning closer to her.

    "Uh, I can't say. But, ya. We're both very close close friends," Y/N stutters, looking down.

    "Oh....? Okay?? Well, is it a she or a he? How are they like??" I question, smiling.

    "Mmm....well, they're a he. Very outgoing, for sure. Very tough, as well." Y/N describes,

    "Oooh! Strong, you say? Can we meet him, one day?? He seems very cool! Sounds kinda just like our friend....Robin." Finn flinches, nodding.

    Y/N reply's,

    "Uhm, maybe. I don't know...." Whining, I say

     "Aw, why not? I feel like we would get along with him,"

    "Because they're not around, anymore...." Y/N whispers. Loud enough for me to hear, though.

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