You Don't Have Much Time.

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{ Chapter 46. }


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    Night Time

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    Night Time.

    Gwen POV:
       Finney, Y/N, and I were in Y/N's room. Hanging out. Ever sense she's gone missing, we still come to her room, to hang out. It's the room where we feel safe! Where we feel no worry, at all.

       Her room felt like home. And Y/N was the one who made us feel safe.

       Y/N was helping Finney with History homework. Finn always struggled in that class! Y/N seemed pretty good, at understanding the questions. Just like sister, Y/N. She was good with History, as well.

    They both seem to have a lot of things in common. The voice, looks, and personality. It feels like sister is already here. But, she isn't.

       "Thanks for helping, Y/N." Finney thanks, putting his homework away. "No problem!" Y/N reply's, with a smile.

       I cross my leg's, "Hey, Finney! I know I keep talking about it. But, it was so cool what you did, in the hallway! For Y/N. You beat the shit out of him!! You finally fought back!" I say, proud. Finn smirks,

       "Thanks. It's what Y/N no
longer-" "Take shit, from anybody." Y/N interrupts. Finn, raising her brow at her. I get confused, "What, Finn??"

       "Nothing. It's'd you knew that quote, Y/N? My sister only ever said that to me? You quoted the last few words, exactly the way she told me." Finn say's. Y/N, looking at the both of us, not saying a word.

       She then gasps, "Oh! Uh, well it sounded something similar, to what a best friend told me. So, I just....blurted that out." She replies, playing with her fingers, nervously.

       "You already have a best friend? I thought you just moved, here? Well, that was quick! Hey, what's their name??" I ask, curious. Finn just stares at Y/N, quietly. "Well, uh....I can't say their name. But, we were very close. Ya," Hm?

       "Why can't you say their name?? Anyways, is it a he? Orrr, a she? And describe what they do, and stuff! I want to know all the details." Smiling, waiting for a response. "Well, they're a he. They're very strong! And, outgoing. That's for sure. Very tough, kid." She explains,

       "Ooh!! Can we meet him, one day? He sounds cool! Sounds just like your friend, Robin!" I say, looking at Finn. He gasps, slowly nodding. "Oh- Uh, ya, Gwen." "....Uhm, I don't know." Y/N reply's. Causing me to whine,

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