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* * * *

    Staring at the wall, I sigh.

    I'm so tired....and so hungry. I'm so cold. My stomach won't stop growling. It's freezing.

    I hear kids, from outside.

    I'm so tired.

    I'm in a room with no noise, or nothing. Being here makes you wonder off into your own thoughts.

    Did the kids ever got lost into their thoughts? If so, what type of thoughts would they have?? Probably not any good ones....

    Did they ever blame themselves, at a certain point? Regret, anything?

    It's now been three day's that I've been in here, and I already feel so so pointless....!

    I'm scared. I just wanna go back home.

    Frustrated, I pull my hair.

    Gosh! This is all my fault, that I've ended up here. Because I just couldn't let go of my friends, and accept that they were gone....

    I couldn't move on. I didn't want things to change.

    I hate change.

    "I feel so useless...." I whisper, to myself.

    Don't give up just yet, Miss. You gotta keep going.

    I hear, in my head.

    Looking to the side, my eyes widen. There he is. Billy. Standing right there.

    Sitting up, my hand slowly reaches out to his.

    When I finally grabbed his hand, Billy slowly drifted away. Disappeared.

    The voice in my head continues,

    Get some sleep. I will look after you, from here. In the Afterlife. Imagine star's. Count them, and let yourself fall asleep.

    Feeling at peace suddenly, I look up.

    There they are. The stars.

    "So many stars...." I whisper, feeling my body grow sleepy.






    Slowly, I feel asleep. I shut my eyes, and let my body finally get the rest that it deserves.

    Finney and I walked inside school together, in silence.

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