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Chapter 16

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(Your POV)

"Y/N!!!"Your father yelled running into the room with Ciel and the others following."Jewels what did you do?What if my father goes to jail...better yet me?!"You said wiping Claude's guts off your face."CLAUDE!!!"Alois yelled taking Claude's headless body into his arms.Your father walked up to you and hugged you as tears ran down your face."Its okay Y/N."Your father said as he rubbed your back."Mistress Y/N he'll come back it was simply a warning with a human gun."Jewels said."Really?"You said looking at her."Yes,but before that happens we have to do something really important."Jewels said looking at Elizabeth and her mother with a smirk on her face."I understand can I do it I want to scare them."You said looking at your father smiling.Your father smiled and nodded."Yes I suppose."He said letting you go.You walked up to Elizabeth and her mother then closed the door.You smirked as your wings grew out and the room started getting darker.Your eyes turned fuchsia and your nails grew longer."Y/N?!WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!MOTHER!!"Elizabeth screamed in terror.You started busted out laughing then grabbed them and Jewels went to them and erased their memory.You changed back to your normal form and layed them down on the bed."Did you have fun tormenting them Y/N?"Your father asked."Yes I did,i bet mother would be happy to know that I mastered changing forms!!"You said happily as you remebered the memories of your mother teaching you how to change forms.' "like this Mother?" 'You heard ring through your head.You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around to see Claude."The first time was a warning the second time is death."Jewels said holding a 'demon' gun to his head.Claude removed his head and you smiled."Jewels he's not hurting me."You said giving her a look saying 'put it away.'

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