Chapter 2

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So I wake up the next morning around 8:30, and jump in the shower. When I get out I put on a white cropped sweater and denim high waisted shorts, and put on light natural makeup. I put off the rest of my unpacking for tonight.

It's a Sunday so I still have today to finish unpacking, and get mentally prepared for my first day of school.

I went downstairs to my new kitchen and see my dad cooking something in the microwave that he calls breakfast.

He looks back at me with a smile and says "How was your first night?"

I look at him normal and say "Fine."

He then says "Great. Would you like some breakfast?"

I grab an apple and say "No thanks I think I'm going to eat this and ride my bike around town."

He then turns to the microwave because it went off and says "Ok just make sure you answer if I call."

I say "Of course." and start walking towards the front door.

When I open the door I am surprised to see a guy standing there looking like he was about to knock.

He looks a little older than me, and was really cute to be completely honest. He was tall and had brown hair and green eyes.

He looks me up and down and says "Um hey I'm your new neighbor and my mom said to give these to you"

I realize he was holding cookies and then hands them to me.

I awkwardly say "Oh thank you"

He starts to walk away then I ask "Wait, what's your name?"

Then some girl who is wearing the shortest shorts I have ever seen and a shirt that is completely see through yells "Come on babe!"

He quickly says "Cameron." And continues walking over to her.

I say "Sophie." Quietly but loud enough for him to hear.

He said "Cool I'll see you around."

After he walks away I wonder if he was the guy who was looking at me through my window. I wonder if he even remembered. He was half asleep so maybe he thought it was a dream or something.

I was kinda star struck because he was really cute, but he was obviously taken. He looked like someone who had a lot of friends.

I get my pink beach bike out of the huge empty garage. I probably could have taken my car, but I just got my license and I am not familiar with the town yet. I just ride around looking at the huge houses and people on their yards. This town was really pretty.

After a couple hours of riding around I stop at this little pizza place and order a plain cheese slice. I just sit and eat. I was just sitting there and I realize that a group of three guys across from me were staring at me.

I start thinking there is something on my face or something so I put my phone on front camera and made sure there isn't. They keep staring and I knew my face was getting red.

A minute later all three of them come over to my table and one who was blonde said "Hey how come a pretty girl like you is sitting all alone?" They look like freshmen maybe sophomores. "I'm new in town." I answer.

They start to sit and the same guy said "I'm Austin, that's Jake, and that's Chase." While he points to the other guys with him. I say "I'm Sophie nice to meet you guys." Chase asks "Where are you going to school?" I say "Boba High." They say "Oh cool that's where we go."

Jake says "What are you a sophomore?" I laugh and say "No I'm a junior." They all look at each other and raise their eyebrows. Austin says "Cool we are freshmen."

I look at them and say "You guys are really trying to hit on a junior?" They all start talking defensively like "We didn't know you were a junior." And "We weren't hitting on you."

I start laughing and say "Calm down I'm only kidding." They all start laughing and nudging each other.

Chase then says "Hey guys we should show her the B.B.B court."

I ask "What's the B.B.B court?" With a face of confusion.

Austin says "You'll see." and winked at me.

We all get up and Jake and I are riding bikes, and Austin and Chase are on skateboards.

When we finally get to what they call the B.B.B court I realize what B.B.B stands for.

It stands for Boba basketball. Austin says "You know how every town has a sport, like football or lacrosse. Well ours is basketball."

Jake says "We are the Boba Bulldogs." While picking up a basketball that was hidden under the bleachers.

Austin says "It's like boba territory."

It is next to a little park with a bunch of trees around it. It looks really cool. I then realize there are a bunch of different names on the court itself. And by a bunch I mean the whole high school.

Jake then says "It's tradition that every grade in high school writes their name" while handing me a piece of chalk that I didn't realize he was holding.

I then look around to find a spot to put my name. I put it right smack in the middle next to "Mike L" and "Luke B".

Chase then says "Then after every school year the seniors wash all the names off"

Jake says "I think it's pretty cool if you ask me."

I nod then quickly look down when I hear my phone beep. My dad texted me

- come home and eat dinner sweetie I made tacos

I then look and say "I'm sorry guys I got to go thanks for showing me this. It is really cool."

They all nod and say "No prob."

I then run and  get on my bike and say "I'll see you tomorrow at school! Bye!" And start off to home.

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