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  The male was calm as he sat in the reclined chair, expression blank as someone worked on repairing his metal arm. The small disk that the woman had thrown at him had damaged and fried some of the wiring inside, much to his never-ending annoyance. His non-bionic hand clenched in anger as he recalled how easily the group of fugitives had gotten away from him, how easily he had been stopped from shooting that one girl.

  It wasn't long before he remembered what exactly had ceased him from shooting her, the thing that had stopped him from killing the girl with the sad eyes.

  It was the way she looked at him when his mask had fallen, when she spoke that name with such a brokenness that even he had to take a moment to stop because of how much it appeared to hurt. He had no idea who she was or even why he was supposed to kill her. All he knew was that, that name she'd called him changed something. It made him hesitate, something he'd never once done in the duration of his time with HYDRA. 

  Or had he?

  That wasn't the most infuriating part about his encounter with her, though. It was how, whenever he looked at her, he was overcome with a sense to protect her. He didn't like it, it made him feel attached. It made him feel human and human emotions were something HYDRA couldn't afford to get in the way. They were still there, though, no matter how much he tried to shut them out.

  The soldier closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as a pounding headache suddenly began to form. His eyebrows furrowed and he tilted his head back, groaning ever so slightly as numerous thoughts began clouding his mind. All revolving around one person he didn't even know the name of. He hated how she had this type of effect on him, how the single thought of her made him want to be with her.

  Suddenly, he tensed. His body froze up as something came to mind. A name. The soldier's eyes opened and in the next second he was breathing it out. "Andrea." Everyone in the room seemed to freeze at that, but the soldier took no notice to it. Instead, he was sent reeling back as a thousand waves of emotions hurtled through him. His chest fell and rose rapidly as he clutched at it, not understanding why he felt this way.

  There was anger, pain, loss, sadness, and, most of all, there was devastation. It was too much to handle. In an explosion of frustration the man flung his bionic arm at the person who had been working on it, sending him flying back. He slid across the floor, knocking over tables holding numerous instruments as he went. But, the soldier felt no remorse, he barely even knew what the emotion was.

  Almost instantly, all guns were aimed at him for the act of violence. But, all he could do was stare shamelessly at the ground. Slowly, he calmed himself, his emotions finally at bay after a few minutes had passed. He didn't know what to feel now, he didn't believe that such a simple name could have this type of effect on him. He didn't like it. He wanted it to stop

  "Mission report." The man looked up at the sound of the demanding voice, pressing his lips into a thin line as he met the gaze of Alexander Pierce. He kept his mouth shut, refusing to answer as he stared at the man. Pierce repeated himself and, when the soldier refused to answer once more, he brought his hand back and slapped him. The soldiers head snapped to the side and he had to refrain from attacking as he slowly turned back to face his commander.

  "That woman and man on the bridge, who were they?" He questioned. Pierce visibly tensed and shifted for a moment, stepping back as he thought over his answer. "You met them on a previous assignment." He replied, his tone unwavering as he spoke. But, the Winter Soldier was no fool, it wasn't hard to figure out that the people he spoke of were much more.

  He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and looked to the ground, thinking over the name that had come to mind. It was easier to control his emotions this time as it replayed in his thoughts. It still made some part of him hurt, which he didn't exactly like, but, he was curious. He needed to know who she was.

  "I knew her, her name... Andrea." He said quietly, his eyes still stuck on the ground as his hands clenched at his sides. More thoughts began taking over his conscious and the headache he had felt before returned. Except, this time, it felt worse. He hissed at the throbbing inside his head and clutched at the long hair cascading past his face.

  That's when numerous flashes and images began to invade his vision and thoughts. Panic rose inside him as this continued until a voice snapped him out of it. "You're a gift to mankind, you helped shape the century... and I need you to do it one more time. We're at a tipping point between order and chaos, tomorrow we're going to give it one more push. If you don't do your part then I can't do mine and HYDRA won't be able to give the world the freedom it deserves." Pierce said, watching as his puppet reacted to that war inside his own mind.

  The word freedom made the soldier want to cry out in anger, this wasn't freedom. It couldn't be. It was never about freedom, it was about power and it made him sick to think that he was still a part of this. But, there wasn't anything he could do. Every agent in the room had their guns aimed at him, ready to fire if need be. He didn't stand a chance.

  "But I knew her." He whispered mournfully, unable to stop himself as more pain seemed to flow through every part of him. Pierce stared down at his asset with a disapproving, disgusted expression. This wasn't the state he wanted his weapon in. "Prep him." Pierce stated coldly, still staring down at the soldier. The male exhaled a shaky breath at Pierce's words and clutched the edge of his seat in fear.

  "But, sir, he's been out of cryo-freeze for too long." He heard one of the scientists protest. The soldier wanted to fight back, but he knew it would be no use. There was nothing he could do to stop them. "Then wipe him and start over." Pierce snapped back. They were going to take take away a part of him all over again, and he wasn't going to stop them.

  He didn't want to feel anything anymore, he didn't want to be human. He hated himself for being so weak. He didn't want to feel anything at all.

  "Alright." At those words, the male leaned back in his chair, glaring heatedly up at Pierce. The older man only shot the asset one last, disgusted glare before heading towards the door. Another scientist came forward, placing a tooth guard inside the soldier's mouth. He placed his arms on the two armrests on each side, his breathing slowly becoming heavier and heavier in fear.

  Pieces of metal moved towards his head whilst bars wrapped around his wrists, trapping him against the seat. The machine began to whirr and slowly lowered itself until it it was placed completely around his head. Then, the scientist pressed the button. The pain was vicious, but the only thing more vicious were the screams that resounded throughout the room. After a while, everything soon faded to black for the soldier... everything became forgotten.

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