⏤͟͟͞͞☆ A MISTY MEMORY. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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* * * *

Gwen and I were at school, making our way to the Gymnasium.

The school was doing a memorial for Y/N, today.

Arriving, already, there was a bunch of people. People sitting down on the benches, talking with their friends.

Sighing, I go to take a seat in the middle of the benches.

Noticing my attitude, Gwen puts her hand on my shoulder. Squeezing it, a little.

"It'll be alright, Finn. They'll find her, soon." Gwen say's, trying to reassure me.

Not saying anything, all I do is shrug.

Still not processing that Y/N is literally missing, right now. Alive, somewhere. Hopefully.

Feeling a light tap on my shoulder, I look up. My eyes widen.

"Y/N-" said, no. It's not her. It's someone else.

They really look like them, though....

Smiling, the girl says

"Hey, is it alright if I sit next to my friend Gwen?" The girl asks, politely.


Am I missing something, right now?

"Y/N?? Wow! I didn't knew you attended here! Here, sit." The girl nods. Sitting between Gwenny and I.

Y/N? She has the same name as my sister, too?

"Finney. This is my friend, Y/N. Y/N Shaw. She's gonna be helping me to find our sister, Y/N. Met her at the police station." Gwen say's, with a smile.

Nodding, I force a smile.

"Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Finn." The girl smiles,

"Nice to meet you, Finn."

"Hello, everyone. It's nice to being having all of you here, right now. We wanted to dedicate this assembly for Y/N Blake," Everyone suddenly turns to look at Gwen and I.

I look to the ground, staring at my shoes.

"Y/N is a girl who went missing, yesterday. We hope for the cop's to do their thing, and find her." Hearing laughing from besides me, I turn to look.

It's the bullies. They're laughing.

Gwen shakes her head, upset.

"Those assholes." Gwen whispers,

"Who are those three??" Y/N asks. Looking, as well.

"A bunch of bullies. They're always picking on Finney- Finn? What're you doing??" Gwen asks.

Blinking, I snap back to reality.

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