A Misty Memory.

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{ Chapter 44. }


* * * *

 Finney POV:       Gwen and I were in the hallway, walking to the Gym

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Finney POV:
       Gwen and I were in the hallway, walking to the Gym. The school was doing a quick little assembly, for my sister, Y/N. We arrived, a bunch of people, already sitting down. We sat down, on the bleacher's. I sighed, looking down. Gwen laid her hand, on my shoulder.

       "It will be alright, Finn. We'll find her." Gwen say's, trying to cheer me up. But, I was still in a gloomy mood. I still can't process that Y/N is literally missing, and not here....

       I felt a tap on my shoulder, looking up. Y/N?!Wait, no....it's someone else. She really look's similar to her, though. She smiles, "Hey! Is it alright if I sit next to Gwen?" She asks. Gwen, recognizing her immediately. "Y/N? Hey! Didn't know that you go to this school! Here, sit." Am I missing something? She nods, sitting between Gwen and I. She has the same name as Y/N?

       "Finn, this is my friend. Y/N! Y/N, Shaw. She's helping me out, to help find Y/N." Gwen say's, smiling. I smile, slightly. "Nice to meet you. I'm Finn." "Nice name." I nod, looking ahead.


       "Hello, everyone! We're glad to have everyone here. We just wanted to do this assembly, dedicated to Y/N Blake. A girl who sadly went missing, yesterday...." I was zoning off, till I heard chuckling. I raise my brow, looking to the side. Gwen, and Y/N, doing the same. It was the bullies. They're laughing....

"Assholes...." Gwen whispers. "Who are they??" Y/N asks. "Oh, them? They're a bunch of idiots. Bullies. They always pick on Finney, and I. Including....Y/N- Finn, what're you doing?" Gwen say's, snapping me back to reality. "W-What?" I look down, seeing that I was standing up. My fist, clenching. What am I doing? What was I about to do?

"Uh, nothing...." I say, sitting back down. Those assholes....for the first time, I've felt anger. I was pissed. They weren't taking the news of my sister being missing, seriously. They think this is a joke. I breath heavily, trying to calm myself down.

After The Assembly.

       Everyone was standing up, walking down the bleachers. All three of us got up as well, going down the bleachers. I watched the bullies exit the gym. Them, still laughing. I sigh, looking back at Gwen.

       "Hey, Finn! Y/N and I are going to head out, and search around the town, for a bit. Can you....?" I nod, "I'll look after dad. Y/N, look after my sister Gwen. Please." Y/N nods, "Of course! Well, we better get going. Nice to meet you, Finn." She say's, walking away, with Gwen. She sounds just like her....I frown, exiting the Gym.

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