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"Um, Ms.___," The blond from earlier approaches you carefully.

"What's up?" You ask, turning to him. He hesitantly holds out his hand.

"I'm Sabo, the Ocean Dorm President," He introduces. You take his hand and sniff at him. He stiffens with a blush.

"Relax, she's memorizing your scent in case she needs to find you later," Law informs him.

"O-oh...." Sabo manages. You giggle.

"Calm down, you're so tense Sabo, my temper isn't that bad," You assure with a smile. He relaxes at that and smiles.

"Sorry, I'm nervous...." He says sheepishly. You start to pivot, he was so cute!

"___," Law starts. "Not now," Law tells you.

"Aw..." You pout, dropping your head.

"Excuse me, what?" Sabo asks.

"Nothing," Law assures.

"Sabo! Ace wants to-" The happy raven haired guy stops when he sees you. "Oh! You're the leader right? I'm Luffy!" He chimes with a grin.

"My little brother." Sabo adds. You smile at Luffy.

"Nice to meet you, sorry for keeping your brother," You tell Luffy.

"Well if Sabo likes you, you can keep him all you want," Luffy chuckles, making his older brother blush more.

"Hey, what's the hold up?" A freckled face brunette asks, putting an arm around their necks. He blinks at you and smirks. "Oh, sorry if these two are bothering you leader." He adds.

"___, this is Ace, he'll probably be the source of most fire related incidents," Sabo informs you.

"Shut it, your face still catches fire if you get embarrassed," Ace shoots back.

"It does not," Sabo snorts.

"Tell me leader, do you like blonds? My brother is single," Ace asks. Sabo's face catches fire at that and you start to giggle.

"What funny guys you are," You comment.

"___, come meet the other house leaders," Sengoku calls.

"See you guys later... Oh, could you show Law around?" You inquire.

"Sure thing," Sabo says.

"We'll meet up later then," Law tells you. You give a nod before going over to Sengoku where he stood with three others that were your age. (Making them younger because why not?)

"___, this is Mountain House's leader, Smoker." Sengoku starts with the silver haired guy.

"Oh, that's cute," You comment, pink dusts his cheeks and he lets out a huff as he looks away.

"The Sky House's Dracule Mihawk," Sengoku gestures to the golden eyed guy with black hair.

"Hello," You greet. Mihawk gives a nod, eyes boring into you.

"And Valley House's Shanks," He gestures to the red haired guy.

"Nice to meet ya! Wow you are so cute!" Shanks says cheerfully, taking your hand and shaking it.

"Hehe, uh thanks," You murmur sheepishly.

"Alright, let go of my niece," Sengoku says, flicking Shanks in the head.

"Ow...." Shanks huffs.

"Now you want to be my uncle and not my kidnapper?" You give Sengoku a frown.

"I'll introduce you to the staff later, Smoker will show you the around," He sighs, patting your head. "Try to stay calm." He adds before leaving. You turn to Smoker promptly. He shifts meeting your gaze.

"Alright, lets go," He mutters, turning away and starting to walk off without you. You blink and look to Mihawk. He offers a slight shrug in response. You quickly catch up to Smoker's side, leaning over to observe his face. His chocolate brown eyes flicker to you before looking away again with a pink tinged cheeks.

"You don't want to show me around do you? I can just get my house president to--"

"That's not it..." He murmurs rather quietly. You heard him clearly and tilt your head.

"Then what's wrong?" You ask. He glances at you again.

"Nothing... This is the Wind House quarters, Valley House is over there, Mountain House, and Ocean House is right next to it." He tells you, signaling to each building.

"Oh, so we're neighbors," You muse.

"I suppose so.... What are you doing?" He asks rigidly as you sniff at him.

"Learning your scent... Do you have the cigars sent here or is there a store near by?" You inquire. He stiffens at that and swiftly looks around.

"Cigars aren't allowed on camp grounds..." He tells you quietly.

"Oh, then you smuggle them," You realize. He glances around again before putting a finger over his lips and giving a lightl 'shhh'. You giggle at that and pink dusts his cheeks. "Don't worry, I'll be quiet... And by the smell of it... You're not the only one," You tell him. He blinks and relaxes.

"That is a good nose you got there.... You have k9 abilities?" He inquires.

"Yeah, something like that," You muse.

"Come on, let's finish this tour, dinner will be ready soon," He tells you, turning away, but waiting for you this time before carrying on.

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