Chapter 9: The Second Door.

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                                                                             THE SECOND DOOR

It had been brighter than I'd thought that day.

Too bright. I had to narrow my eyes against the concrete. Mam hadn't thought to kit me up with sunglasses or sun cream. I was burning.

The lolly was running down my wrist, sticky and sweet and ice-warm. I knew they'd come after me. It was too much to resist. Half of me wanted the chase.

I kept sucking, and letting it drip down my chin, red like blood, I'd said, I'm bleeding.

I wanted the chase.

Stripes and thorns and wings.

Chase me.

I was screaming like I was underwater. Black water. I screamed so much I couldn't hear it. Black water. I screamed so much there were bubbles in my ears. Black water. I screamed so much, she came out.



Sheedy, why are you screaming?


Don't be such an eejit, Sheedy, I nearly had a heart attack!

Flowery dresses.

Yes, bees like flowers, don't they, Sheedy?


Never mind bees.


Better clean yourself up before the wasps get you, Sheedy! You have to be – Jasus, look at the mess you're in! What are you like?

An open door.

Sorry about this, Mrs Keane.

Open door!

It's no trouble. Come on in... What's your name?

My name...

The blur.

The door.

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