Katrina Benson is 30 years old engaged to be married, but one problem she's still living with her mother and her soon to be husband Jacob Bently wants to keep there relationship low-key, including the marriage Katrina on the other hand, has some doubts about that, Jacob has met her whole family and she hasn't even met her soon to be in-laws, Katrina wants to make the relationship work but finds some shocking secrets while trying to do so. Jason Chanely is 31 year old Caucasian male, mainly focuses on his work, barely seeking a love life, Jason has needs and when the laptop, tissue and lotion doesn't suffice Jason goes on the hunt, but Jason doesn't dare sleep with his employees or brings the females he plans to sleep with to his home, it's their home only so that way he has a nice plain escape and even sometimes leaves the females gratuity. What happens when Katrina and Jason cross paths? Will Katrina still want to marry? Will Jason melt his hard exterior to be with Katrina?

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