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My worst nightmare

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Grayson has been bullying me for the past two months. Well, today is Monday and they sent us home for the rest of this week and next week also. I'm not rally sure why , but I did hear the principle telling a teacher that two girls hated eachother and one of them was pregnant . so the rumor is that the girl that wasn't pregnant brought a super sharp knife to school and killed the 7 month pregnant girl, and her baby , by giving her a c-section and stabbing them 20 times . They sent us home because the were gonna do this investigation thing or something like that.
"Hunny get down here we have company " I heard my mom yell.
"Ok who is it " I asked her .
"My friend and her 3 children we are all going in vacation together so come meet them and then go pack" my mom said .
"Ok I'll be right down there " I said.
I walked downstairs and saw Ethan .
"hey Ethan " I yelled then ran to give him a hug .
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IM NOT ETHAN IM GRAYSON" Grayson said then pushed me off .
"ETHAN IS IN THE BATHROOM ". He continued .
"Well this is awkward " my mom said.
Ethan came out of the bathroom and there was an awkward silence .
Everyone turned to look at him.
" Nothing " I said .
Then I ran to hug him.
"Hi " their sister Cameron said .
"Hey"i said then I shook her hand .
" Go pack your stuff then come down here , their stuff are already in the car "
My mom said .
"Wait Grayson is going ?? " I asked. In a disappointed voice .
"Yea , we're ALL going , " my mom said with emphasis on the all part .
"Damn " I said with a sigh.
"I'm not that happy either Sherlock " Grayson told me .
Well this is gonna be the WORST vacation ever .

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