A Villanger to a Princess?

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{This takes place x791, You join Fairy Tail before the Grand Magic Games, Sorry the intro is long XD but enjoy this story!}

(Normal Pov)

Your name is y/n,You have (h/c) and (h/l) with (e/c), one day your village was destroyed by a dragon, Acnologia. You were the last one to survive. You looked at the dragon and he looked at you, instead of killing you, he saw something in you and took you for his own daughter. Acnologia is king of the dragons so you became his princess. You learned all dragon slayer magic from the dragons themselves. You also has a secret magic only you and your father know of. One day, year 777, you knew your father would leave as well as other dragons so you traveled as you pleased. You were different from your father, but you still loved him. You are now (you are as old as natsu so maybe 18,19, or 20). You find yourself in Magnoloia.Your adventure starts here.

(Your Pov)

I've always had my eye on one guild, Fairy Tail. I heard they were gone for 7 years, it was because of my father i just know it, my exceed knows it too, her name is Akako. I would only tell the master of my power and the guild would only know me as a Lava dragon slayer if i got in. I walked into the guild, not alot of people were there because the guild got small, but i did see the master, his name Makarvo.

Me: Excuse me. The master turned around with a sorcerer weekly model, mirajane was there too. Makarvo: Hello, what do you need? I explained to him that i wanted to join, and we went outside to talk about my power. Makarvo: Of course you can join, i promise not to tell anyone about your father. He smiles and welcomes me and i go to mira for my guild mark. She smiles and asks where i wanted it and what color. I told her (f/c) and (where ever you want it). Akako got it on her left shoulder in white, it looked good since she was all red fur with brown eyes.

(Natsu's Pov)

I was looking at a job with Lucy when i saw that we got a new member! It was really pretty girl, I don't know why but i couldn't wait to meet her! I walked to meet her, but gray punched me because of what i did the another day, a fight broke out

(Your Pov)

I continued to to talk mira and akako, then i heard a bunch of crashing, i turned around and a table flew towards me and hit me in the face. The blonde girl came running towards me, mira told me her name was Lucy. Lucy: I'm sorry if you're hurt, you just joined didn't you? i rubbed my face and said naw its fine, ya I'm new, names y/n, does this always happen? Lucy and Mira nodded, so we just stopped till it died down or intill a red haired girl barged in, Thats Titania, Erza Scarlet.

I started to get to know people alot more, but i still had no place to live so Lucy let me stay with her. Today was a great day.

{The second part will come out today or tomorrow, bye : 3}

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