26| Icky

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"Dada." Sofia woke me up in the middle of the night, having her hands on my chest. "Daddy."

"What's wrong princess?" I mumbled. I checked my clock and saw it was 4am. I looked back at her but couldn't exactly see her face, but I could see she was kneeling beside me.

She made a little non verbal sound and I sat up quickly, turning on the lamp beside me.

"What is it little one?" I cupped the side of her face and she pouted her lips.

"I feel icky." She said.

"Icky?" I repeated. She whined again and nodded yes. "How do you feel icky princess?"

"My tummy hurts." She said and put her hand on her stomach.

I put my hand on her forehead and felt she was a little bit warm, but not burning. "I'll get you some Graval baby, you stay here." I pushed the blankets off and stood up, walking out the door and to the end closet. I grabbed the packet and got two of the chewable pills, then went to the kitchen and got her a sippy cup filled with water.

I went back to her and gave her both chewables. She put them in her mouth and scrunched her nose up at the bitter taste of the medicine.

"Good girl." I praised and gave her her sippy cup. She took a big sip from it, then gave it back to me.

I put the cup on the nightstand then got back into bed. I turned off the lights and laid back, telling my little girl to lay on my chest and she did. "Just try to sleep baby girl, I'll give you some more medicine later if your tummy still hurts."

"Okay daddy." She whispered. I kissed her temple and wrapped my arms around her securely.


"Daddy!" Sofia cried loudly.

"I know baby, it's okay." I assured her.

"Make it stop-"

My poor little girl was on the cold ground, kneeling in front of the toilet, throwing up. I was standing behind her, holding back her hair. She was begging me to make it stop but I couldn't. I really wish I could, but I couldn't help her.


"You're okay baby. Just let it out."

"Icky." She whined.

"I know princess." I spoke calmly, but really, I was fucken freaking out. I hate seeing my baby like this, and I don't know what to do. Well I do, I know I need to keep her comfortable- it's just that, I can't help her. I can't stop her from being sick.

I held onto her hair with one hand and reached back, grabbing a hair tie off the counter and tied her hair into a low ponytail, then reached over to the bathtub and turned the right and left dial, filling the tub up.

I stood up after a minute, making sure she was okay and not going to throw up, then took a step back. She started crying.

"Don't leave me daddy!"

"Sh sh baby, daddy isn't going anywhere."

"Why- why are you leaving."

"Just to get you some water. I'll be gone for a second." I said.

"I don't want you to go." She sniffled.

"Okay. That's okay." I leaned over and picked her up, setting her on my hip. I walked out of the room with her, going into the kitchen. All sippy cups were dirty but she had a clean bottle.

"M-milk?" She asked, hopeful.

"Not now princess. It's going to hurt your tummy even more. We don't want that honey."

"No." She whimpered.

I filled the bottle with cool water, screwed the cap on, then carried her back to the washroom in our room.

"Are- are you going to get in with me and give me cummies?" She sniffled. My poor baby was on the verge of crying again.

"Not this time princess. Daddy's just going to wash you." I sat the bottle down on the ground, then sat Sofia down. "Arms up."

"No." She whined. "I want cummies. It make me feel good."

"I know it does baby," I sighed, "just be a good girl for me right now and I will make sure you feel good and comfortable after."

She gave me a weak smile.

"What if I'm not a good girl?"

"Daddy is still going to make sure you're good and comfortable."

"... I'll be a good girl."

"Good choice."

She lifted up her arms a little and I pulled up the shirt of mine she was wearing, leaving her exposed, then crouched down in front of her and pulled down her panties.

I grabbed the bubbles from the bottom drawer and quickly put some in the water, then handed my baby the basket of bath bombs. She picked a blue unicorn then I picked her up and placed her in the tub. She dropped the bomb in the water then looked up at me.

"Just lay back princess." I said softly as I grabbed the wash cloth and dipped it into the water.

She slipped back a little and tilted her head back, I then began to run the wash cloth over her body softly as I whispered sweet nothing to her.

After about half an hour of me washing down her body, giving her her bottle and talking with her, she was asleep. Like, out cold. I'm guessing she's a deep sleeper when she's sick.

I stood up and reached down, picking the little girl up carefully, sitting her down on the counter and leaned her forward against my chest. I dried off her body, then did the best I could with her hair. She was still out.

I picked her back up, wrapping her legs around my hips. I took her over to the bed and laid down, then put a shirt on her. I laid her down and pulled the blankets over her. I slipped her paci between her lips then pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Sweet dreams little one." I whispered.

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