Just The Two Of Us

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You were just a guy.

That would be the best way to explain yourself to people.

You never were anything special. Your grades were good, but mostly As and Bs. You played baseball when you were younger, but as a teen, a 17 year old, you only played with your friends. The same friends who were on your team for hockey. Speaking of which, you did indeed have friends. Not a whole lot, but you never really cared.

You had your dad's hair, your mom's eyes, and your grandpa's sense of humor. Dry and sometimes dark.

And since we're on the subject, you were raised by your father. Long story.

But, yeah. You were just a guy. You liked video games, movies, comics, and YouTube. Music was a bit iffy, though. And you never really watched TV anymore.

Still, you were happy with your life.

Jinx: What're you doing?

You realized that you had spaced out while your friends were talking. You blinked before it had processed that you were now intensely staring at your friend's chest.

Not like there was really anything to see, anyway.

Y/N: Hm?

Jinx: Perv.

Y/N: Sorry, J. But I ain't attracted to kids.

Jinx was about to lunge over the table before your order showed up. The waitress set the food down and your other friend smiled.

Ezreal: Thanks, love.

Waitress: Not your love, creep.

She finished and left. Ezreal turned to you and your friends confused.

Ezreal: What the hell? I was just being nice.

Kayn: New Age, dude. Chicks don't like that stuff anymore.

Y/N: Wow. Cynical much.

Kayn: It's true. You can't do anything anymore without some chick bashing you for it.

Jinx: That's a bit unfair. Not every girl is like that and you know it. It's like saying every guy is a misogynistic pig.

Y/N: Yeah, dude. It's just the louder minority. Ladies appreciate kindness. Hell, most people do.

Ezreal: So I ask again, what the hell?

Jinx: Oh, you're just a creep.

You and Kayn started to laughed while Jinx smirked. Ezreal rolled his eyes and began to put ketchup on his fries.

Yep. These were your friends.

The flat chested but good hearted Jinx.

The unsuccessful but well meaning flirt Ezreal.

And the.....you still weren't entirely sure what to even call Kayn. But he was here. Has been for years now.

Though you sometimes had your disagreements, you were all still very close. They really were more like siblings to you than anything.

Especially for how often you wanted to slap them sometimes.

But you wouldn't trade them for the world.

But, there were those days you would sell their soul for a cornchip.

Jinx: So, of you're still flirting, I'm guessing things with Lux didn't work out?

Ezreal sighed.

Ezreal: I still haven't talked to her. She's been working.

Kayn: Bummer.

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