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Feeling a sting in my forehead, I hiss in pain.

Gaining conscious, I try to open my eyes. Immediately, shutting them back when they still continued to hurt.

Opening them a little, it was no use to know where I was. My vision was blurry. Making it hard to see anything, at all.

My memory was a blur. Can't seem to recall too much on what happened, before I've blacked out.

Running away....trying to set myself free....got captured....taken, from the....Grabber....! The Grabber!

He took me. He got me.

Panicked, I than felt a pair oh hands carry me. Someone is carrying me. We're walking down. Walking down some stairs.

We walked into a room. Suddenly, so cold. More footsteps.

"Ouch." Someone hissed,

"My arm....my fucking arm....!" It's him. The Grabber.

"I should snap your neck, for what you did to my arm." I then got thrown, landing on a cold mattress.

Opening my eyes, I slowly sit up. Frowning, I rub my eyes.

Looking in front of me, I immediately scoot backwards.

There he is again, in front of me. This time, him wearing a creepy looking mask.

Leaning forward, he look's at his arm. The arm I use my toy rocket to cut,

"Jeez. My arm. It's covered in blood. It look's like I've killed someone," He say's, giving me the chill's.

"You see that??" No. I can't see anything.

"Well, not like you can even see shit." He say's, waving his hand in front of my face.

I try to put on a brave face. Trying not to show any hint of Fear. But, he knows. He can see right through me.

"Aw. Don't have to try and hide it. I know you're scared. But, I'm not gonna hurt you anymore." He tries to reassure, not knowing that saying that isn't helping.

"What I've said about snapping your neck, I was just angry, is all."

Giggling, he look's at his arm again.

"Heheh, you did a number on my arm! I won't hold it against you, Mhm! Guess you can say....we're both even, now." Feeling a tear roll down my face, I wipe it away.

The Grabber tilts his head,

"Aw, poor girl. You don't have to be afraid, anymore. Because nothing bad is going to happen, here. On that I give my word, Mary." He say's, pinching my cheek.

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