Y/N Shaw.

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{ Chapter 43 }


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(TW‼️ Some words may make u uncomfortable! This chapter WILL be very triggering!)

*Also! This chapter will be long! So, ya.*

      I slowly felt myself gain conscious, trying to open my eyes. I immediately shut them, right when I felt a sting. It was no point. My eyes hurt. And it was hard to see. Sense, my vision was blurry. My memory is a blur. Can't quite recall what happened....all I remember happening was....trying to get set free, from the....Grabber.

      Holy shit. I was trying to escape from The Grabber. But, he got me. I got taken....!

      I felt myself being carried, by someone. I feel myself going down the stairs. We're going down, somewhere. I felt that we were no longer going down, any steps. We were now in a room. A very cold, chilling room. I heard whispers. Whispers from multiple people. And, even....yelling. Echoing yells.

      "Ouch. My fucking arm." I heard. It's him. "I should snap your neck for what you did to my arm." I feel myself get thrown. Landing on something soft. Yet, cold. I'm on a mattress. I slightly opened my eyes, sitting up. I groaned, rubbing my eyes. I looked up, immediately scooting back. My back, hitting a wall.

      "Holy shit...." I whisper-yelled. My voice, raspy. It's the Hippo. Still looking the same. But now, wearing a mask. A scary, looking mask. He scoots a bit closer, to me. He looks at his bloody arm,

      "Jesus. My arm. It's covered in blood. Look's like I killed, someone." He says, giving me the chills. "You see that?" He say's, showing me his arm. Still can't see....

      "Not like you can even see shit." He say's, waving his hand, in front of my face. I start shaking, trying so hard to not show any Fear. He can see right through me, though. He knows I'm Scared.

      "Aw....you don't have to hide, it. I know you're scared. But, hey. I'm not gonna hurt you, anymore." He reassures, poking my noise. I cringe. "What I said about snapping your neck." He sighs, "I was just....angry, is all." He nod's.

He then looks back at his arm, "And, you did a number on my arm!" He chuckles. "I won't hold it against you. Mhm! I guess you can say that....we're both even, now." He say's, clapping his hands. I start to tear up, wiping my tear's, almost immediately.

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