So this is my new story i have been writing......... 

This is just a quick Author's note to let you know who i picture each character to look like......

Really there is only a few character's that aren't REAL people (If that makes sense) Like 1D, Eleanor, Danielle, and their families are played by their families :P Any who........

Emma Smith (19 yrs old): Minka Kelley

Jenni (19 yrs old) Leghiton Meester

^^^^I put a picture of them on the sidebar if you want to take a look :D

Chole (25) Nina Dobrev

Jacob (26 & Chloe's Fiance): Ian Somerholder (I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES!)

So that is all i have to say for now....... posting the first chapter after i post this so go read :)


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