Wanna See A Magic Trick?

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{ Chapter 42. }


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Y/N POV:      I continue walking towards the van, breathing heavily

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      I continue walking towards the van, breathing heavily. That's him. It's him. The Grabber. My plan, worked. I suddenly stop walking, contemplating whether I should continue walking forward, or not. No, this is dangerous. That's the Grabber. The Child kidnapper. I thought I could do it. I thought I could confront him. I thought I'll be brave. But, I'm scared. I should just walk home. Finney said to come straight home. "I need to get the hell out of here...." I whisper, to myself.

      I look ahead, seeing him getting out of his van. Holding groceries. He walks towards the sidewalk, stumbling. He fell, causing him to drop the grocery bag's on the floor. I shake my head, ignoring the scene. I'm gonna cross the road. And continue making my way back home.

      I was about to cross the road, till I felt a hand grip onto my shoulder. Chills, rolling down my spine. I gasp, my breathing getting shaky, and slow. I look down, not looking up to see who it was. Even though I already knew who it was.

      I take a deep breath, looking up. The Grabber. He's right here, next to me. Staring right at me, with a chilling smile. So this is how he looks like, in person. I'm getting a glimpse of The Grabber. I wasn't expecting much. But, gosh he look's awful. Smells awful, too. What is he even wearing?? Is he supposed to be a magician? Doesn't look like one. He doesn't look like someone that people would call, to come over to a kids party, to perform. I feel like if he arrived to a kids party, people would consider him as an intruder, instead of a magician. When was the last time he shaved? He looks like a hippo, doing ballerina. When was the last time he took a shower??

      I shake my head, "Yes?" I ask, raising my brow. "Hey, do you mind helping me pick up my groceries. Accidentally dropped them." He laughs, "Mm....no." I reply, about to cross the street. He firmly grabs my arm, surprising me. "The hell?!" I exclaim, slightly starting to feel scared.

      "Please, help. Can't clean it all up by myself, now." He say's. I breath heavily, slowly calming down. "O-Okay...." I say, shaking. He nod's, slowly loosing his grip. "Thank you. Come!" He say's, walking up to the mess. I nod slightly, following him.  He kneels down, opposite of me, picking up the mess. I kneel down, picking up some of the mess. We both finished cleaning up,

      "Piece of candy!" He say's, clapping his hands. I nod, "Yaa...." "Hey, would you hand me my hat?" He asks. "Sure," Grabbing the hat, handing it to him. "Yes, sir." He say's, putting it on. He looks around, before getting up.

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