Before He Cheats

Chapter 1

I took a deep breath and carefully got out of my car. This was it. Tonight was the night that I was going to show my ass of a boyfriend that I was not like the rest of the girls he’d dated. He couldn’t just screw every girl in town and think that everything between us would be alright.

When I got to his front door I knocked a couple of times and waited. When he finally appeared, we hugged and I flashed one of the many fake smiles that I had been giving him lately.

"Hey babe, are you ready to go?" I asked, stepping back to take a better look at him. He was wearing his favorite dark jeans and a simple black t-shirt, yet he looked like a model. His short blond hair was slightly damp, his blue eyes beaming. A small wave of regret washed over me, but I quickly shoved it off. This wasn’t the time to second guess myself.

"Rhiannon what are you doing here? I was just leaving to pick you up…"

I tried to ignore how his voice sent tingles through my entire body. "Well, you always do that so I thought that tonight was my turn."

I grabbed his hand, grinning innocently, and pulled him out of the house.

"Okay, but we’re taking my car," he insisted, tugging to let go of my hand so that he could go to his garage but I tightened my hold on it and moved to stand in front of him.

"No, we’re taking my car." I tried to keep my voice smooth and calm, ironing out the kinks in my inflection because, truthfully, I was panicking. If I let him go into that garage, my plan was going to fall apart.


He frowned, looking over at my old, beat-up sedan.

"Because afterwards, I want to be able to drop you off like you always do…" I stated.

When I saw that he was still frowning, I pouted miserably.

"Please, Gray? You can even drive if you want to."

"Fine, but just this once" He smiled at me, glad on some level that he was doing me a favor, and reached over to take the keys from my hand.


Grayson and I met at an old Karaoke bar two years ago and ever since then, it’s been our favorite place to go to on Friday nights. It was sort of our tradition, tonight being no exception.

It was actually a cool place to hang out, and all of our friends would go there, get drunk, and sing terrible songs, in that order.

When we got to the bar, Grayson parked, got out, and came to open the door for me. I tried to smile at him but in the sight of him doing the same to other girls in the past few weeks ruined this otherwise sweet gesture.

We walked towards the bar and, just as we were about to walk in, Grayson suddenly pulled me towards him. He pulled my body against his and I forced myself to look up at him.

"I love you," he told me softly. I gazed into his blue eyes and they looked so sincere that I almost believed them. If this was two weeks ago, I would have melted on the spot, but right then, my heart was breaking.

"Good, now let’s go in." I told him quickly and pulled him into the bar. I know that he wanted me to say it back, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to say it truthfully, and he’d be able to tell. I’ve always been a terrible liar.

It was early so there weren’t many people in the bar. We sat at our usual table, which was right in front of the stage, and ordered our usual drinks. I quickly drank mine after the waitress brought them over and looked at Grayson.