(Austin Mahone imagine)

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Your POV:

I wake up in a room that isn't mine. I see drums in front of the bed and i see a keyboard. I see Austin Mahone sleeping like a baby shirtless next to me. I get out of bed in shock facing the bed I walk backwards then all of sudden I trip on something and fall and hit my head on the drum set causing Austin to wake up and my head to bleed.

Austin gets out of bed and rushes to me. He puts his right hand at the back of my head and picks me up bridal style. I put my hand on his chest and shut my eyes while Austin carries me to the bathroom.

When i got there he puts me on the toilet while i put my hand on my cut. Austin goes to the basin and gets a cloth and wets it. He goes down on one knee in front of me and puts the cloth over my cut. We stare into each others eyes and i see Austin leaning in. I lean in to and before i knew it he and I are kissing

Austin's POV:

I stared into her y/e/c after i put the cloth on her head, wow her head got sore again, that's kinda bad luck. All of a sudden i leaned in and kissed her, what made me happy was that she kissed back, i think she could be the one.

Your POV:

I take the cloth from him and throw it on the floor. I then intertwined my fingers with his and we continue to kiss. He pulls away with sparkles in his eyes and i open my eyes and smile. I licked my lips and Austin leans in again. We play with each others tongues and then stopped kissing. We go to the bed and sit across each other. Finally we talk.

"Wow. That kiss was quite amazing. You are such a good kisser" I told him. He bites his lip, "Your not bad yourself" he replies back. "So can you tell me how i got here please? I don't remember for some reason" i said, "We met by the beach yesterday and someone hit your head with a ball and you were very dizzy and fell asleep so i decided to bring you here and look for a first aid but i couldn't find one so i laid you down on my bed until you woke up but you didn't so i decided to keep you here until you woke up", he replied back. "Oh wow no wonder i don't remember anything" i say and before Austin speaks i realize something, i rush off the bed and look for my phone, i find it and pick it up then pick up my jacket and say in a stressfull manner "Oh my gosh my best friend y/b/n is probably worried sick about me" then as i was about to leave the room, Austin took my hand and says "Please stay". "On one condition, we eat first" i say and Austin laughs and says, "Deal. I'll go make breakfast quickly". I nod and go to the bathroom to take my clothes off so i can go swim. I get my phone and play Say You're Just A Friend, i sing along with just my shorts and bikini top on and take Austin's brush and sing with it. I got back into Austin's room and start jumping around and dancing.

Austin walks in and just watches and stands by the door. My back is faced towards him so i start dancing backwards and jumping in circles while singing. I'm like 5cm in front of him and i turn around and scream very loud almost having a heart attack. I turn red and start blushing. Austin starts clapping and i lightly push him playfully , "Shut up let's go swim" i say, he nods and us 2 go downstairs to the pool. Mama Mahone and Dave are out shopping so it's just us 2 here.

Austin takes his shirt off and i stand by the middle of the pool on the edge about to jump in when i turn around and say, " Don't push me in" to Austin, "I won't. i promise" he says back, i stand there for 2 minutes afraid to jump in, all of a sudden i feel Austin's hand in mine, i look at him and smile. We go back and start counting "1,2,3 GO!" we run and jump into the pool.

I went to the left side of the pool and stand against the wall just staring at Austin who is smiling like a idiot. He starts walking towards me and puts his hands on each side of my body. I look into his eyes and he starts leaing in. I go down into the water and swim away, walking up the stairs, Austin ends up kissing the ground. I go behind a tree afraid on what Austin is gonna do to me. I am about to climb in the tree when Austin puts his hands around my waist. I try to get loose but instead he picks me up and throws me into the pool. I start fake crying and ask Austin to help me up. He grabs my hand and i pull him into the pool.

We start splashing each other and then Austin ends up splashing water in my eye so i can't see. He blows into my eye and the water comes out. We start leaning in and kiss for a few minutes.

After that we go to the kitchen and eat breakfast. I do the dishes while Austin gets ready. I go to Austin's room to find him laying on his bed falling asleep on his phone. I go to the bed, put Austin's phone on charge, take his shoes off then grab a blanket and put it over him. I kiss his forehead and then Austin says "Thanks babe", "Pleasure" i replied back. Austin's eyes start closing and suddenly he says "Come join me?". I jump into his bed next to him ASAP, his arms around my waist and his face buried in my neck. There was silence until he said "Y/n will you be my girlfriend?" i smiled and turned around to kiss Austin, "Yes handsome" i replied, we fall asleep before we could say anything else.

So I made a few changes in the imagine. You can now put your name x
Y/N - your name
Y/e/c - your eye colour
Y/b/n - your best friend's name

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