whats he doing with her? ch.5 part 2

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hi guys I know this chappy is short or long I havent wrote it yet so you never know but i do know how the third chappy going to go but I have an idea of what she is going to do so heres a very short, long chappy


I woke up after falling asleep at 3 am no thanks to sam asking endless questions. I go to get up and find i'm being pinned to the bed by a big dope who pins me to the bed in the morning I have only 1 geuss. KILLER. I turn my head and go to shout KILLER to get off when I see it was Sam, he had drowl dribling from his mouth. I had to pinch my nose so I didn't laugh at him, he was so cute. WAIT, did I just call him cute OMG I can't stand it. I pride his arm off my waist and shoved a pillow under it so he doesn't wake up. I ran into the bathroom and had a quick shower,grabbed my sports bra and shorts and pulled them on.I pulled on my trainers and made a dash from the bedroom down stairs just in time. The pack boys hopefuly now with mates came into the house shouting getting ralled up for the mad dash we do every 2 days and today was no exception. I always won the mad dash because i'm the one who has the best stamina in the pack even out of dad, mum , the females, and the young males I always won. I was jumping up and down on the spot. Trying to get everyones attention so I go get the dog whishle and blow it while covering my ears we are so affected by these. They turn and give me a disaproving look I laugh at them " well, if you didn't be quite then I had to, this happens every time we do this. Right you know the rules ok. No biting or clawing and no changing form we can't do that out in the public here okay. So I need you to be quiet because sleeping beauty from the pack over there is asleep. So Tyler I need you to go over there and get the other pack okay all of the males only because your all following my lead. The only thing thats different is that were not racing today guys sorry but dad said no raceing. We got to see how long we can run for. So how about Tyler gets the pack tell them they have 20 miniuts lets all meet in front of storm house okay so everyone fall out go do whatever till everyones here okay." Tyler looks at me and asked "What are you going to be doing?" I laugh and give him a glare for that "I'm getting sleeping beauty up and feeding KILLER got a problem with that now go get the other pack final order go do it." He left with a frown on his face. He hates that I can order him around. I ran up stairs to my room I went straight to my bathroom and grab a jug filling it with water. Walking back into the room I saw Sam kissing the pillow in his dream I go over and pour the jug of water on him. He wakes up in shock. I burst out laughing the look on his face was so funny. " Stop daydream we are doing a mad dash as me and my pack call it. But we had to change it your dad and my dad are comeing to see how long we can run for before we have to stop, i'm going to have a camera attach to me so I can see who runs what. so get you arse down stairs and get ready stop daydreamin about kissin me it aint gunna happen buddy." and with that I ran down stairs to wait for everyone.



god that girl. she's makin me crazy one miniut shes cute and kind the next she strong and ordering but that just makes me want her more. Shit I think i'm in love with her. God i'm so whipped. I got my stuff on and ran down stairs to be comfronted with the two packs and rosa standing with her dad in her the front next to my dad. She looked over at me and then screached "GUYS, SHUT IT BEFORE I DO IT FOR YOU!" Everyone turned to stare at her she continued "Thanks, well today storm pack is teaming up with red pack to do something I started when I was twelve we are going to do what storm pack call's a mad dash," she was interupted by cheers from storm pack she glared at them in a meaningful way as soon as they saw her glare the culprites shut up "as I was saying, we call it a mad dash its were you race each other to a certain place; but today were doing the stamina dash see, we need to know who are the best runners out of both packs so your all going to have a leader one of the elders  but i'm going to be leading the head group dad is doing the second group and alpha red third so were going to mix it up." Everyone was looking at her dying to know who was with her someone next to me said "she is going to be wearing one of them camera things to see how we are getting on and we all get comunicaters in her group she hates having to run in her wolf form I really hope im in her group." I was surprised that she didn't like changing I think its amazing. Jenna walks up to her with a clip board. She thanks her and Jenna walks back into the house "alright guys, there are 29 males and 1 female so you know the captains so heres who is with who.

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