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I am (y/n). A (age) year old swordsman who is quite known in my village, but not for necessarily good things. I'm poor and have no money to buy the things that I need, like food, water, and new clothes. When I'm not stealing I'm usually training, to make sure that one day, I can be the strongest swordsman! I will do it one day! No one can't stop me! I wear a black backpack, black shorts, black combat boots, a royal blue shirt, and a black and royal blue bandana as a head band to keep my (h/l) (h/c) out of my face when I fight. I also have three swords tied to my black and blue belt.
I am feeling quite hungry now thought. Might as well stop by the tavern and steal from from those drunken slobs. They never even notice me take anything so it's no big deal. I start walking down the path through the woods. I live in the middle of the forest in a little homemade hut. I grab a water jug from my back pack and take a sip. It's a good thing I stole this backpack to keep all my stuff in!

"Ouch! Darn, stupid branch!" I yell.

I stubbed my darned toe on this fricken branch! I hate the forest some times. I continued walking through the stupid forest until I was lost. Why did I live in the woods you may ask? Well because of my reputation, I am not allowed in the village. Well Im just not allowed to have a home there. It's kind of a boring town. Nothing really exciting ever happens there. Every once in a while a pirate crew will show up but that's only for the booze.
Where did the trail go any way? The village is north. The stars should be out where's the North Star? There it is! Alright head north.

*time skip brought to you by SANJI'S ROMANCE SCHOOL!*

'Hm. At least I'm not like this slob' I think to my self as I look down at this guy with green hair sitting in front of the tavern. He was passed out. I don't think he will wake up soon. He has to be sitting right in front of the door!


Pft. No answer. Guess I'll just have to figure a way to move him. He seems pretty heavy though.

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