Chapter 4

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"COLLETE DALLAS SHUT THE HELL UP!" JC picked me up and spun me around gently setting my two converse feet on the wooden floors.
"Wait you said Collete?" I heard another familiar voice call to JC.
"SHES MINE" Jc screamed laughing
"Awe I missed you Jacy" I smiled right when Kian lowly ran in mKeing me scream my head off "KIAN!!" he picked me up and I wrapped my feet around his waiste. We dated when I was a freshmen and are still closer than ever. There's just some people who are meant to be a friend. "WHERVE YOU BEEN DALLAS?" He yelled setting me down.
"Not here! When I should've been I missed y'all." I hugged them each again as I said hey to the rest of the O2L Then I saw Lycia! Lycia is my BESTFRIEND and we met on the Digi tour.
"BLONDES!!" I called
She turned her long golden locks and bright red fire big rent lipstick at me then revealing her teeth as she realized who I was. "C!" She yelled hugging me.
"I MISSED YOU LYC!!" I screamed back.
"I missed you more!! It's been forever in a day dallas." She pulled away from the hug smiling at me.
"Guess who else is here?"
"Who" I asked not seeing anyone else that I didn't see.
"HEYYY BABESSS" a voice yelled through the hallway. It was Twaimz.
"ISA!!!" I yelled hugging him. He wrapped his arms around me
"Hey Girl"
"This is gonna be so much fun." I said with the others agreeing. We all walked into the living room and talked watching movies while Jc ordered pizza.
"MAGCON TOMORROW LOSERS!!!!" A loud voice yelled. I opened my eyes and it was Taylor.
"yay" jack J said in a tired voice.
"Yeah!!" Hayes jumped on top of matts bed who was still snoring. Matt jolted awake then pushed Hayes. I laughed and yawned.
"Well I've been up since 6." Cameron groaned.
"Wait why?" I asked
"Pssht" Taylor coughed sarcastically "it'd be a cold day in hell before I get up at 6 by choice."
"It wasn't by choice Taylor. I had to take Collete to the airport." Cam finished.
"Oh yeah" I said. I didn't even tell her goodbye. I'll just text her later.
"awe I forgot to say bye to my whittle C girl" Shawn said
"Or NASHS whittle C-girl" Jack G smirked. Shawn laughed nodding
"Man y'all better chill out." I threatened putting my palms to my eyes and laying back down. Mahogony was still in her room asleep while Carter was on the floor asleep still.
"Y'all are really disturbing my beauty sleep." Matt said rolling over
"Uh ain't no beauty sleep gonna help that." Taylor grimaced
"You need beauty hibernation." JJ chimed in makeing everyone laugh.
"Yeah yeah whatever blah blah." Matt shoved through the blankets and found his phone "with the favriots" Matt said aloud as he typed probably twitter.
"Ughhhhhhhhhhh" Carter groaned as he stretched his arms.
"Look! Beautiful is awake!" Jack G smirked. Carter laughed with his eyes still closed,"dang right"
"whatta y'all wanna do today." Shawn asked
"I wanna sl-" Carter started but Cam threw a pillow at him stopping his words "No one cares what you want"
Eventually, not very time consuming, we got up and changed and decided to go to Taco Bell. Brent and Aaron were coming later on at like 1 so we were gonna pick them up to. Well Cam me Taylor and Matt are.
"Welcome to Taco Bell." A man smiled with a purple apron on. Literally there were no Mexicans which aggravates me severely but whatever. "I want a number 4 drink." Matt said
"It comes with a drink.." The waitress at the counter had a monotone voice she reminded me of a sloth.
"I'm full." I groaned leaning my head on Lycias shoulder. "I am too." She added.
"Let's make an Omeagle Video!!" I yelled
Twaimz groaned "alright"
"I'm gonna go shower." Jc said
"So me Lycia Kian and Isa." I smiled as he set up the Camera.
"Hey guys it's me Twaimz! And today were doing unfortunately another Omeagle video with the beautiful Lycia faith and Collete Dallas and kian."
Kian's jaw dropped" I deserve a much better introduction but Hey guys!" He waved.
"So here we go." First there was this kid that looked like Harry Potter with glasses and he was just stareing at the camera.
"Hi" I said then he shut his screen off.
HA!!" Kian laughed loudly. I stuck my bottom lip out. then there was this guy with a speedo and all you could see was his waiste down and hairy legs.
"AHHH!!" Lycia screamed causing Isa to laugh loudly
"Jc what are you doing on here! Your supposed to be
the shower." Kian shook his head.
I laughed "oh my god" then a big black guy showed up. "what's up!!" Lycia yelled
"ew." The man said
"PAHHHHHH" Kian laughed loudly
"Your such a moron Kian" Lycia laughed. We did a few more people then closed the video. "Well thanks for watching I don't know why we did this bye!" Isa closed off.
"I'm hungry again." I said then Jc walked out "hey y'all done?"
"Don't act like you weren't just on here WHERES THE SPEEDO!!" Kian demanded. We all laughed while Jc was confused. I really missed them.

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