Living with Them (One Direction and Bridget Mendler)

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Charley Olivia Silverknight, Nicknamed Charlz or Silver, A 20 year old, with the love of Singing and Dancing, She is the Only child, A dirty Blonde with Hazel Eyes, Her mother died when Charley was 18 and her father had run away that year, She Lived in Australia and Lived in the same house of her Bestie, Samatha Storm (A.K.A. Storm).

Well you see Charley's childhood friend was Louis Tomlinson, when she lived in England, she was about 6 when she was in England and had to move to Australia, So she moved to Australia with her Mum and Dad.

One Day, the same year, She was 20, Storm was 20 and Louis was 21, Charley and Storm moved to England to move away from their boring life, In Australia, Melbourne. It was Winter in Australia and Summer in England, It was a huge change, some how Charley Felt at home. They started a band called the "Silver Storm" with Jade Smith, Robert Moore and Dave Jones.

One Night, Louis bumped into Charley, and What goes on from there is History!


Hope You Enjoy My Newest Story!

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