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chapter 2-
cam was sleeping next to me his mouth ajar and snoring. I recorded his face and posted it on vine. my hair was in a messy bun and I was wearing Cams sweatshirt with sweatpants. "CAMMMYYY" I called sitting over him
He groaned "what"
"You sleep really late"
he looked shocked then clicked his phone on "You stupid bitch." He pushed me off of him "it's 10" I laughed and kissed his cheek. Cameron was the only one whose ever been there before me Mom is just blanked out. Hayes walked in "HEY!-"
"Shhh.." I crawled back over Cam then walked outside my finger pressed to my lips then shut the door. "What it do"
"Just wanted to talk" he said casually
"Cool" I was goin through instagram
"Nash likes u c."
"we've known each other since 7th grade of course we like each other but I mean he's not meaning serious."
"You sure about that?" I stared at him then he sighed "okay..." Then cousins ideally Nash walked out "hey let's go"
"Go where?" He had his keys in his hand "trust me" he smiled those parly white teeth at me then I gave in. We were riding down the road and pulled into walmart. "WOW IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO COME HERE NASH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" I screamed sarcastically he laughed then rolled his eyes" your leavin tomorrow so I wanted to get a bunch of junk food tonight and all of us watch a movie."
"Okay." I said as we walked into the store. We got a cart and raided each aisle literally piling in tea chips crackers cookies cAndy sodas etc "Nash get incidious" he reached across a shelf and grabbed four different scary movies that I have never even heard of one had this ugly demon baby on it though so.. Yeah
"Perfect I love demons with sour patch kids" he smirked I laughed loudly drawing attention
"Chill c chill" he laughed
We also bought a bunch of baby food bc Nash was makeing a video with cam and matt.
"apple is good get that" I said scanning the shelves "oh um banana?"
He paused then nodded throwing it in the basket.
"Roast beef chicken peas-ew carrot corn broclie-this is disgusting" I said handing him each jar. Nash wAs laughing at each of my reactions. "Your such a baby"
"You say that now but I'm not the one eating it" I stuck my tounge out and he jabbed his finger in my side tickling me. "Ah" I jerked laughing.

when we got there everyone was awake and sitting around. I carried all the stuff onto a cabinet and sat with Mahogony on the bed. While Nash put a white sheet on the ground makeing a back drop. "Cam get the cam" Nash started then laughed "HAHA!" I laughed at how stupid he looked but it was cute.
"Okay ladies you gotta stay quiet." Matt said to us.
Mahogony rolled her eyes and I nodded. Nash started off as they all three sat in a chair in front of the camera.
"Hey! I'm Nash this is cameron" he said pointing to Matt" and this is matt" he pointed to cam
"what?" Matt asked
"Wait!"Nash laughed loudly then they cut the scene starting a new one. "Hey I'm Nash with Cameron and Matthew and today we are doing the-" he looked at Cameron who was drinking his water obnoxiously. Mahogony laughed loudly getting a shhhh from everyone.
"The baby food challenge!" Nash yelled
"Great." Matt sighed.
CAm first "okay we have baby food and cams gonna figure out which one."
"Imma be pissed if someone smacks me" cam said makeing us laugh
"Nobody's gonna smack you."matt said opening a jar and smelling it then he gaged. "that's nasty." He mouthed
"OPEN YOUR MOUTHHHH" Nash yelled to cam trying to shovel a spoonful in.
"Dude that smells like farts" Cameron winced "get that away from me" Mahogony and I couldn't help it we laughed loudly along with Taylor and Shawn. "That actually dosnt taste that bad." Cam said, "like corn beef hash"
"It's beef." Nash said
"Oh see!"
then it was matts turn. "I think I'll give him this Cameron pulled out a green baby food jar and it was spinach potato. he smelt it and laughed loudly holding it under Matts nose makeing him gag. Nash smelt it and stuck his tounge out really far in disgust.
"Let's go justin beiber" Nash smirked feeding it to him.
Matt immediately started gagging "no hold it in hold it in" Nash said "what's in it?"
"Spinach..." Everyone laughed loudly then he threw it up all over the floor.
"Eww.." Cameron said starting at it
"You look like you had bad diareah on the floor." Carter said
"You can spit this one out until you guess." Nash smirked holding an orange jar in his hand
"Bruh this is the worst combination ever." Cameron laughed
"What is this" Matt said with a mouthful. I giggled
"Well I guess you gotta have another spoonful." Nash said shoveling one in
"Ahhhhhh" Mattscreamed as they poured the jar in his mouth.
"Apple." He muttered
Then he gaged and spit it on the floor. Nash stood up "shit bruh that's nasty."
"It was pumpkin apple" cam laughed
"Now it's my turn." Nash grabbed the orange blindfold they were each using and put it on.
"I'm gonna get smacked..." Nash said with his head bent down
"No your not open your mouth!" Matt yelled it was spinach potato. Again.
Nash leaned to the floor right when it touched his tounge but Cam grabbed his face "what is it what is it" Cameron kept asking squishing Nashs cheeks
"Uh-spinach?" He smiled widely then pulled off his blindfold
"Here eat some more eat some more" cam kept saying makeing us all laugh.
"well thanks for watching I'm Nash Grier with Cameron and Matt Espinosa bye"
"Clean this up!" I laughed
"Aw c'mon Collete-let's hug it out..let's hug it out c'mon"nash had his arms out.
"No Nash I mean it don't you-"he caught me and rubbed his face against mine getting baby food all over me. "Nash!" I laughed running to the shower. he just smiled that perfect smile. he's my bestfriend

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