Be Safe! "I Will".

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{ Chapter 40. }


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Y/N POV:      I heard muffled yelling, causing me to slowly wake up

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      I heard muffled yelling, causing me to slowly wake up. I sit up, looking at Finn. He woke up too, sitting up. We both looked at the kitchen, than at each other, realizing. Gwen....! We both immediately get up, running to the kitchen.


      We stop, seeing the scene. No, was hitting Gwen, with a belt. Gwen was leaning on the counter, crying in pain. Dad hit her, again. "I'M SORRY!" She yells, flinching.

      "Dad, STOP!!" Finn yells, catching dad's attention. "HEY! You....stay out of this!" Dad says, pointing his finger at Finn. I looked at Gwen, suddenly seeing my younger self. Back when I was little. Gwen looks at dad, whimpering.

      "Gwenny....they came to my work. WHY DID THE POLICE COME TO MY WORK??!" Dad yells, giving Gwen a spank. She flinches, hissing from the pain. "I DON'T KNOW! I'M SORRY!!" She cries, making me look away, feeling bad. I can't look at this. I can't stand seeing Gwen cry, like this.

"You need to tell me on what you know about this investigation!!" Dad yells. "Nothing!!" "Tell me....what??" "Nothing....!" "HUH?!" Dad says, getting closer to Gwen. "NOTHING!" "WHAT?!" "I SAID NOTHING!!" Gwen yell's, grabbing dad's bottle, scooting back. Oh, no. I look at Finn, seeing him break down. I give him a side hug, "It's okay, it's okay. I won't let nothing....happen." I say, trying to comfort him. I look back at Gwen, seeing her lift the bottle up.

      "Hit me again, AND I'M DROPPING IT!" Dad looks at Gwen, shocked. Than getting even more upset, than before. "You drop that, and I will beat your ass twice as hard." Dad threats, making me tense up. Gwen starts to shake, looking at me. I shake my head,

      "Gwen, hey! It's okay, please....don't do it. Put the bottle down," I plead. But Gwen was filled with too much rage, to even think straight. She ignores, dropping the bottle. Causing the glass to shatter, everywhere.

      Dad yells, in panic. Running at Gwen, pushing her to the ground. Hitting Gwen repeatedly, while she cried even more. I close my eyes, starting to cry. "NO, DAD!!" Finney yell's, crying out loud.

      "Y/N....please, do something!" Finn say's, looking at me. Tears, rolling down his face. I start to panic, contemplating whether I should step in, or not. Suddenly, I was 8 again. Not knowing on what to do.

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