Five: Sorting Ceremony & First Night

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Anna glanced out of the window but only saw darkness.

She watched as the others pulled on their black robes. 

She swallowed. 

Everything that has happened in the past few days all seemed so surreal.

When the train stopped, she followed her cabinmates off the train and onto the wooden platform.

Anna scanned around. There are several small buildings nearby. A sign hung over one of them.

Hogsmeade Station.

"First years, this way!" A man bellowed.

Her eyes grew wide when she saw that the man was nearly as tall as a small tree.

Lily leaned and whispered into one of Anna's ears. "That's Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds."

The man sported an unkempt long beard and hair.

Anna followed with the others as they walked off the platform, down a short hill to the edge of a lake where a fleet of small boats waited.

"Careful now, two or three per boat. Don't want any of ya falling into the lake on yer first day!" Hagrid said.

Anna scrambled into one where Lily and Hugo were. A second later, the boats sailed away from the shore on their own.

"Look! It's Hogwarts Castle!" Lily pointed.

"Blimey! I've heard stories my parents told but never in my wildest....blimey!" Hugo exclaimed.

The sprawling majestic castle all alit filled the entire view as they soon docked on a platform at the base. Hagrid led them onto the castle ground and inside where a stern-looking woman waited.

Anna recognized her right away.

"Professor Slughood." Hagrid nodded to the woman. "They're all yers.

"Thank you, Hagrid." The woman replied and turned her attention to them "In a few moments, I will lead you into the Great Hall where you'll be sorted into your houses. They are Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. Wait here for a moment."

She walked away.

"My oldest brother's Gryffindor." Lily was saying while Anna attempted to take in all the grandeur sight around her. "My other brother, Albus is in Slytherin."

"Traitor." A boy muttered from nearby.

Lily swung around, face red. "Who said that?!"

Before anyone could say a word, Professor Slughood returned.

"Come now, we're ready for you." She said gesturing for them to follow her.

Not wanting to be anywhere near the front of the group, Anna stayed in the center as they entered the enormous room.

Her green eyes widened as she took in the magical sight all around her.

There was an untold number of lighted candles floating in the air above her.  Instead of a typical ceiling, all she saw were stars twinkling in the midst of the night sky.

A shiver ran down her back.

This has to be a dream. It must be.

She nearly forgot where she was going and narrowly avoided colliding with the girl in front of her.

They came to a stop in the front. Before them was a chair and a strange-looking hat.

Professor Slughood pulled out a long parchment.

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