Finding Home

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Lost and helpless I stop running and start walking with tears rolling down my face. I didn't know where I was going or what might happen to me, but I didn't look back I just kept walking in the direction my feet took me. I walked with my head down and then finaly stopped and looked up to find a big, old, fancy sighn that said "Haunted Hollow Mansion". I looked past the sighn to find a big, old looking mansion sitting on top of a big hill.

As I walked up the hill to the mansion, I studied its large windows and doors, the over grown vines climbing up the walls, and the rough red/brown bicks. When I reached the door I twisted the door knob to find it open. "Funny, you'd think they would lock something like this." I said to myself.

I stared in amazment at how big and well kept this place was on the inside. I found myself wondering up the marble stairs. I roamed down the hallway to the left as if I was being pulled by something. The pulling stopped at the door at the very end of the hallway. This door seemed oddly different fromt the others, this door was a light blue, while the others were white. I reached for the door knob, turned it, and slowly pushed the door open. The door made a loud squeal as I opened it further, once it was opened all the way I walked in and shut the door behind me. The room was very big and roomy. It had a basket full of toys, a big dresser, two night stands, a white rocking chair, and a full sized bed. When I looked at the bed it reminded me how tired I was from all the running. I slowly walked toward the bed and noticed the bed was made and in the middle of the bed was a cute little brown stuffed bear. I didn't want to disturbe the little bears sleeping area by unwrapping the blankets from behind the pillows, so I just lay at the dege of the bed. After I close my eyes I slowly fall into a deep sleep.

I wake up to a thud and I slowly open my eyes to find a white glowing figure in front of me. I colsed and opened my eyes again and it was still there. I let my eyes focuse to see what it was exactly. The figure was a figure of a person staring down at me. My eyes grew wide as my heart began to race with fright. It stared at me for what seemed like hours but then its eyes shifted toward the door as if it heard something. I didn't hear anything but the sound on my pounding chest. I looked in the direction it was looking in and found another glowing figure in the corner of the room, beside the door, holding the little brown teddy bear that was once on the bed. "Did you bring her hear?" The glowing figure asked the one with the bear. The one with the bear nodded its head and walked towards me. "Please don't make her leave." The figure pleaded. "Me and her can be the best of friends! She will cook and clean and be like Mama." "Don't talk about her!" The figure said angerly. "But if will make you happy, I guess she could stay." It shifted its gaze off of the little one and on to me. "Do you want to stay?" I stared but could not speek. "Please say yes!" The little one pleaded. I sat up on the bed and found that the glowing figures were boys. One looked about sixteen and the other one looked about six. Words finaly came to my mouth as I asked, "Who are you?" The older boy walked over by the door and turned on the light. The boys weren't glowing any more, they looked normal. "My name is Shane and the little one that wants you to stay is Hayden, and if you haven't noticed we are not like you. We used to have once lived, but we both have died some years ago. So for a definition of what we are is simple.... We are ghosts. But the question here is, who are you?" He said arrogantly. "I'm Holly" I replied. "Mmhm. That sounds like a name to me. Whats your story?" He asked. I told him all about my parents dying when I was five and the abusive aunt I had to live with, but I highlitghted what has happened recently to me. "Oh! So thats why you're so banged up. Well get some rest. We'll see you in the morning." He said starting for the door. "So she can stay?" Hayden asked. "Yes. She can stay." Shane replied as he walked out the door.

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