Beyond Existence (Coming Soon)

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There were people, a lot of them. Some even touch my hand, some even hugged me. I do not know most of them, but I didn't mind. The least I could do was feel touched, for they managed to use more or less ten seconds of their lives to witness this significant event- the only event that could happen to me once, and only once.

There were noises, a lot of noises. They were all very loud, but hard to understand. Some made by the rain, some made by cars, some made by phones, some made by talking and some made by cries.

There were lights, a lot of them. Some were even too bright that it could've blinded me, but it didn't, and I wouldn't mind either way, for I no longer felt the need to see. Everything was starting to blur, and this is when it starts to end.

Now all these may sound very boring to you, but these are all I could grasp before it all fades to pitch black.

Now this is how it feels like.

To live and die.

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