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Life can be confusing but becomes understandable when you find a savior.

The day i found this out was the day i question God for his behavior.

My life was very troubled i walked with no direction,but the Lord said he would heal me with his love and his affection.

It seemed like the best offer i had ever been given,I was tired of so much pain and the awful life that i was living.

So i responded,"I will serve you and love you ",i then streched out my hand.

He took it and together we started walking leaving precious footprints in the sand.

Hand in hand we walked together,sharing many special nights.

It all so happened unexpectedly, when i started facing fights.

Some battles werent that bad,but some had me crying tears.

I knew that i would make it,my faith had grown through out the years.

I continued walking but hard was getting worse,thats when i started slowing down i was loosing inner force.

I was in a consistent prayer doing what i should,"I cant take much more i said,but ive done the best i could."

I was hoping he would anwser help me get through one more day,

looked back to see our footprints,but never thought the prints would look that way.

When i looked back at my hard momments,awful nights,my blood,sweat and tears,

I questioned God why he had left me through my worst,most painful years.

"You left me,but you said youd hold my hand and never let me go,why did you leave me if i opened up my heart and soul? You said yoou loved me and that you had better plans for me and for my family,now i see you left me when i started facing agony."

He then spoke and said," I do love you and never wanted you to cry,you can see i mean this since i never let you die.I want the best for you,and i need you as a strong beleiver.Thats why i carried you so you wouldnt turn and listen to that fake deceiver.I know that at first there was 2 sets of footprints that later turned to 1,at those times i carried you and look at what weve achieved and done.Look at how much you have walked,thats how much i love you."..

and that the day i learned to never doubt the lord above you.

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