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You shift and Law swiftly puts his hand on your shoulder, making you pout. He shakes his head before pulling back. "Don't look so down ___, I'll have them put you into the camp with your friend," Sengoku says. You just glance at him trying to keep your breathing calm. Law pats your knee and you look at him.

"We're together, it's okay," He whispers. You meet his gaze and relax fully.

"Glad I got you too Trafalgar, you will most likely be needed there," Sengoku comments.

"Are you going mad at your old age? You shouldn't be pushing her into roles like this," Law retorts irritability. You blink at his tone and relax even more.

"Don't worry, this'll be a good experience for her," Sengoku assures.

"At what cost?" Law inquires. "She's been doing just fine on her own... Last night was my fault..." He says, softening at the last part.

"No it wasn't. Those bastards shouldn't have been trying to sell you," You object. He glances over at you and frowns.

"___, calm down," He tells you. You blink and notice your breathing had picked up again.

"Sorry, still kinda pissed, and our current situation isn't helping," You breathe, trying to calm down again. Law glances out the windows, seeing a nice grassy field.

"Pull over unless you want her to lose it." Law tells him. The agents exchange looks before hesitantly pulling over. You give Law a head tilt and he responds with that smirk of his. "Come on little monster, you need to roll around in the grass for a bit," He comments, getting up and leading you out the door Sengoku opened. He leads you to the center of field.

"Think we can do it?" You ask.

"Maybe, there are a lot," He comments.

"We might die... Camp sounds easier to escape," You tell him. He smirks.

"Good point..." He muses.

"So... Play?" You ask, perking up. He blinks at you and chuckles.

"Does ___ want to play?" He cooes quietly. You nod, starting to pivot.

"Play!" You chime. He rumbles an amused laugh as he starts to pivot slightly. You grin and he lunges. You giggle and jump out of the way before pouncing on his back. He staggers and falls down with a laugh. "Grrr!" You giggle, nipping his jaw.

"Heh my turn!" He growls, pinning you down and tickling you. You giggle and catch his hands, gasping for air. "Better?" He asks with a chuckle. You nod, smiling a bit. He sits back in the grass, glancing over at the agents watching with arched eyebrows. "So we'll escape the camp?" He guesses.

"Yeah, camp suggests woods, and with my nose we should be able to get back," You murmur, sitting up with a smirk. He nods smirking a bit.

"Have to admit, I'm curious to see what they have in mind," He admits. You hum in agreement, starting to shift again. He raises an eyebrow. "___-gah!" He huffs when you pounce him. "Alright! Lets play," He chuckles and you both start to wrestle.

"Wow... It kinda looks like an army base," You comment.

"Your camp sucks already." Law says bluntly. You chuckle when Sengoku gives him a look.

"Come on, lets just inform them you're finally here," Sengoku huffs, leading you to the courtyard. You and Law exchange a look.

"Not what we were expecting," He mutters.

"Don't worry, we'll get out either way," You whisper back. Sengoku suddenly turns around and picks you up, carrying you onto the stage. "OI! Put me down Afro!!" You snap thrashing slightly. He sets you down, facing you to the crowd below.

"This is the leader of Ocean House, and the disciplinary committee, ___," Sengoku introduces you.

"Eh!?" You gasp. "What the hell?" You demand.

"I don't think she was aware of that," A blond with scarred left eye speaks up.

"I wasnt! Why the hell-"

. "And Ocean House's vice leader, Law," Sengoku adds, pulling Law to your side. You were starting to shake. Law swiftly covers your eyes.

"Calm down," He murmurs. You take a deep breath and relax.

"Hey, is she okay?" The same blond asks.

"She has a real bad temper, so it's best to keep her calm." Law informs them. "If not, she may slaughter everyone," He adds.

"Law, don't scare them," You sigh.

"It's true though," He points out. "Better safe then sorry."

"Why would you have someone who can't control their powers in charge helping us tame ours?" A red haired guy with goggles on his head inquires.

"Actually I have perfect control of my powers, just not my temper," You inform him. "I get these rage blackouts, the only person who has been able to survive them is Law."

"You do not want to be the one to anger her," Law adds. "However, she can be quite fun," He reaches over and pinching your cheek with a smirk.

"Play?" You perk up.

"Not now,"He says. The crowd before you sweatdrops.

"Just who the hell are these two?" The red head mutters.

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