chapter 15

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(Elizabeth's POV)

'I hate Y/N,she's trying to take my Ciel away.'I gave Y/N a death glare as she talked with her father."Elizabeth...."I heard Y/N say."Yes?"I said."I-I have a question to ask."Y/N said blushing."Yes I guess so."I said slowly."Would you like to be my friend?"She asked blushing harder and turning her head.'Its probably a request from her father but...'I looked over at Sebastian then ciel and back at her."Yes."I said smiling.'I might be able to get some secrets out of her.'Just then my mother walked in."Mother?"I said.Mother looked at Y/N with a look of disgust.Y/N on the other hand smirked."Hello Lady Marchiness midford."Y/N said."My my how discraceful for a lady to be wearing such clothes."Mother said looking Y/N up and down."Why does it apply to you?You should take more care of your daughter and teache her something that's at least useful."Y/N replied.'WHAT!!DID SHE CALL ME A UN-USEFUL PERSON!?!?!!'

(Your POV)

You and Elizabeth's mother were going back and forth at least until Mey-rin came in saying alois was here looking for someone."Who is he looking for?"You asked."Hes looking for Y/N?"Mey-Rin said."Okay father........ill comeback before dinner and this time I mean it."You said opening the door to see Alois and Claude at the study door."Holy cheese and sprinkles,what do you need Alois."You said looking up at Claude to see that he was looking at your chest."HEY WHAT THE.....DONT LOOK AT MY BREAST!!"You yelled covering your breast."M'Lady,you have something in your hair."Claude said.You realized he was looking at your hair then blushed at your mistake."T-Thank you."You said blushing  a very deep shade of red.You heard your father chuckle and you turned back glaring at him."What are you laughing at father!"You said.Your father walked up to you and pulled you into a hug."Nothing I just love you ."He said.Your father let go of you and turned back and and saw alois nod.Claude walked up to you and and gently grabbed your arm and and pulled you out of the room and into another room."Claude what do you want?"You asked.Claude didn't answer and pinned you to the wall,kissing you.Claude rubbed his cold hands up your thigh.He broke the kiss and leaned in towards your ear."I want you."He whispered .You heard the door open and looked around Claude's head and saw Jewels holding a gun to the back of his head."Let her go Faustus."Jewels said.Claude pulled you closer and roughly kissed you.You heard a gun shot then screamed."CLAUDE!!"

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