all over again.

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Looking back, on everything that has happened to me. Just yesterday everything was going good. I will never get the sounds of people dying and the smell of blood out of my mind. All the people that layed there motionless, not breathing. Worst of all he did it he betrayed me. I can still see the crazy and blood lust in his eyes. He wanted to kill to be on top, and he got it, he won.

* a year later *

It's been around a year since the incident. Only a few people survived I tried to find them but I couldn't. I searched for a couple of days until I gave up. I had lost all hope.

I've been living as rouge all alone hoping from place to place trying to stay undetected. I couldn't stay in a place for more than a week. I couldn't or someone would find me and I would be dead, there was no doubt. I was a rouge and they were not excepted, anywhere you went. You were always living in constant fear, the fear of being caught or worse being killed. If they saw you are even caught your sent you were dead, they wouldn't stop until they caught you. You were a threat, a big one

That's when I heard it. I remember it so clearly form that night.

war howls.

It was like it had happened yesterday all the memories flooding my brain all at once. I knew I had to run but I couldn't I was frozen in place. They got louder and louder. I finally moved my feet and ran as fast and as far as I could.

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