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    Where am I? What even is this place?

    What's going on? Am I- NO! I'm scared! What's happening?!

    What happened? Everything was going so well....I was outside....I-I was supposed to see my family, today! To celebrate my win.

    Am I gonna be able to go home, soon? Why is it so dark, here?

    I can't remember anything. Who....who am I? I don't even remember my name.

    I just wanted to see my family....

7:20 P.M JULY 18, 1978.
    The News.
   "Hello, everyone. I'm detective Dwight. I'm here today to let you all know on the tragic thing that has happened today.
    Today, the young baseball player named Bruce Yamada was pronounced as missing.
    He was last seen riding his bike, outside. Police are now on the search for him, as we speak.
    We'll let you all know if we have any updates on his disappearance.
    Thank you, and have a nice night."

    It has now been a week sense Bruce was pronounced as missing.

    I remember finding out about the news when Robin called to tell me to watch the news.

    Days have been strange, now. Every time I walk to school, I always see at least one missing poster. Or, even more if I'm lucky.

    The posters, having the faces of the people that I used to talk to. People that used to be my friends.

    The posters are now the only thing that helps me remember all of them. Slowly, I'm staring to forget them.

    It's all so weird.

    I no longer see Billy deliver newspapers in the mornings. No longer practice playing baseball, with Bruce. No longer see Vance playing pinball. No longer see Griffin at the Library. Everyone's gone.

    Well, almost everyone....

    Things are starting to fall apart. I'm breaking. Cracking.

    School ended not so long ago. I decided to just go to the park, to try and relax.

    No one was at the park, today. Just me. And the million's of thoughts that go through my head.

    It was really windy, today. But, I didn't really care. I just wanted to be on my own.

    Sitting down on the bench, I start thinking. Cutting the world off.

    What is the Grabber's purpose? Why is he taking all these kids, suddenly? For fun?? If he take's kids from this area, he must live close. Right? If so, where? Which one of these houses does he live in....?

    Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I jump. Looking up, I see that it's just Robin!

    Robin look's down at me, with a concerned look.

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