The 'Theory'.

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{ Chapter 38 }


* * * *

     Where am I?? What is this place? I'm so scared! What's going on? No, no, no

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     Where am I?? What is this place? I'm so scared! What's going on? No, no, no....this can't be real! I was outside, having a great time. This can't be happening! I'm supposed to be seeing my family, today....!
     How'd I end up here? I need to be at home! My sister, she's all on her own right now. She need's her big brother. I'm so scared....I'm scared....I'm scared....
     Will I be able to go home, soon? I wanna go home! I don't want to be here. Why am I here? Is this my fault? Did I cause myself to end up here?
     This is all my fault. I wanna see my family! I was supposed to be seeing them, today....

     The News:
7:20 P.M. JULY 18, 1978.
         "Hello, I am detective Dwight. Today, here I am to let everyone know the tragic news that had just happened today. Today was found out that a young baseball player, by the name Bruce Yamada. Has gone missing. This situation was found out by his parents, who had just came back home from a business trip, on the phone. The boy never came  back home. He was last seen, today. Riding his bike. We have police, and other volunteers, going out to look for him. We'll let everyone know, if we have any updates. Thank you, and have a nice night."

It has now been a week, sense Bruce Yamada had gone missing. I remembered the day I found out about the news, as if it was was Robin, who told me the news. On the phone.

Finney and I had just got back home, after hanging out in the baseball field. Playing with our rockets. We both entered the house, laughing. Having fun. Being happy. I put my rocket ship down, getting ready to make something to eat. Finney sat down on the floor, about to watch TV. I than heard the phone rang, going to go answer it.

"Hello??" "Y/N? Hey, it's Robin!" Robin??

"Hey, what's up??" "Have you heard? On the news?" Have I heard? Heard about what? What happened? "No, what happened?"

"Bruce, from school. He....went missing." What....? "W-What? No way-" "Y/N! Look!" I turned around, looking at the TV.

"Today was found out that a young baseball, player. By the name Bruce, Yamada. Had gone missing." My heart....drop's. There's no way! I literally saw Bruce, at the field! Did he went missing, after that?

"Y/N? You still there?" "Ya....I need to go...." Before Robin can even say goodbye, I hang up the phone. I sit down on the floor, shocked. My chest, hurting. What hurts is that Bruce had gone missing. And the fact that I can no longer do anything to try, and find him. Nothing, at all.

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