And So It Begins

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Earth shattering screams ricocheted off the castle walls

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Earth shattering screams ricocheted off the castle walls. Its future queen wept in agony, the pain numbed her. She panted heavily, beads of sweat rolled down her face, as she tried harder and harder to gain control.
"Mother!" she yelled. "Please, make it stop."

Queen Odessa kept her arms firmly rooted to her sides. This was for her daughter's own good. Yes, she thought, Aria will understand - once it's all over...

Aria's screams erupted through the room. She was being torn apart from the inside, her own magic being ripped right out of her. Aria felt herself wanting to let go - even if it meant losing her very essence, even falling into nothingness would be better, the pain was just too much.

She felt herself slipping. Inside of her a darkness awoke, shoving her subconscious behind a closed door. Her body was no longer hers. Something or someone else had taken control.

Aria was gone.

"Is it working?!" Odessa shouted. The three men conducting the cleansing were Cornelius - the king, Vladimir - her adviser and Marcus - the king's adviser. There was an eerie atmosphere engulfing the room, as the three of them stepped back unsure of what was taking place.

In that moment the very core of Ophelia shifted and rotated on its axis.

Aria lightly pulled on her restrains, causing them to break completely apart. She fell abruptly to her knees, her long blonde hair clung to her face like a second skin. The dampness - a result of hours of crying and sweating, while being chained up like an animal.

The entire castle was silent. Not even the lepit rodents, which reside in the cracks of the castle walls made a sound. The whole kingdom was still. Evil had risen.

The roots of Aria's hair started to turn charcoal black. Each strand changed one by one.

"Aria..?" Marcus stepped a bit closer; the floor creaked under his weight.

Aria's eyes no longer mimicked the colour of the ocean, instead they were midnight black with a yellow ring and her pupil replicated a feline's. They were hauntingly cold and displayed pure, undying hatred.

She ignored the worried gazes of the others and held up her hand. Aria angled her wrist so that the ray of moonlight grazed the tips of her fingers.

"Twenty years," she murmured. "Its been twenty years since I've felt anything. You have no idea how tortured I've felt." Aria rubbed her fingers in the moonlight - savoring the simple sense of touch.


"Aria's gone," she spat. "Do I look anything like her to you? For pity sake! My pupils changed shape. "

With the flick of her wrist Aria sent Marcus straight into a wall, crashing through a bookshelf in the process, and knocking him unconscious.

Cornelius and Vladimir lunged for her, "Artium Alo.." The beginning of a capture spell on their lips. Aria turned towards them and raised her palm, stopping them in their tracks. The power coursing through Aria's veins electrified the air and pushed the two men away.

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