Final betrayal

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I won't go into unnecessary detail but their are some things that should be said before my tale is told. First is that I was a member of team 7 before it all fell apart. I was ignored and was weak, but I had a team and I had friends.

Everything started with Sasuke leaving. When I woke up from Sasuke knocking me unconscious, I felt like my heart had been ripped out. The only thing keeping me from becoming a shell was Naruto. Soon he left me too, to go chase after Sasuke. I couldn't come with them because I was too weak to be any help. Without Naruto to be my friend everything seemed so full and hopeless, constantly wondering if everyone would come back alive.

From the moment Sasuke left, I made it my goal to get stronger, to protect those I care about so I won't have to lose anybody else. I got Lady Tsunade to train me. I trained myself until I dropped and I kept going. I was getting stronger, mostly by myself. Lady Tsunade gradually had less and less to show me, so I was training more and more by myself.

When Sasuke left is also when everyone started drifting away from me and my parents were killed during Orochimaru's attack, so when I started making my way up the ranks, no one knew. No one could see how much stronger I was getting. No one was there to encourage me, I made it through purely through my strength of will and my determination to protect my comrades. I finally made it to the ANBU when everything went wrong.

I was doing jobs around the village for Tsunade all day and decided to go grab some ramen before training. I was outside of the ramen stand when I heard the words that would change my life forever, the Konoha 11 were there except for me and Naruto and they were talking about me.

"She soo weak."

"I know and she's an attention w***e too"

"She's acts like such a b***h most of the time"

"She's still depressed over Sasuke, too. Can someone say desperate?"

Then there were the words that ripped my already torn heart to pieces, " I don't even know why Sakura's still here, all she does is get in everyone's way."

I didn't go in there and yell at them, like they deserved. I was too shocked to do anything other than turn around and walk away. I didn't have a reason for staying anymore.

I worked so hard for my village. I trained so harshly to be able to protect these people. I put my life on the line for them. And what do I get, I get everything I've done thrown in my face by the some of the people I held closest to me. I didn't even feel the need to stay for Tsunade anymore, as soon as she gave up on training me, she couldn't be bothered anymore.

I went home and sucked up all of my self-pity, I had a job to do. I was sick and tired of being betrayed here. I went up to my room and packed everything I would need. That night I was leaving Konoha and nothing was going to stop me.

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