Part 3

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Merlin and Ellie stopped their physical relationship but continued to be very close. They were more than just sorcerer and apprentice because after centuries together, they each knew the other extremely well. During the mid-1800s their travels took them to France where Merlin took on another apprentice, a very powerful young wizard named Oran. He became a part of their little family and they were quite happy for the next few decades. Merlin told Oran all his Arthur stories and his adventures from his original life and Ellie loved hearing all the stories again and again. The Arthur stories were her favorite but she also loved to hear the ones about his knights. The bravery, loyalty, and friendship that Leon, Percival, Elyan, Lancelot, and Gwaine shared astounded and impressed her thoroughly. When Merlin spoke of them, his aura beamed with pride. When he spoke of Arthur, it absolutely swelled with light like the sun.

Oran became a constant companion to both Merlin and Ellie, which was why the two of them were devastated when Oran was killed by a rogue sorcerer hunter in Budapest. Merlin had had to say goodbye to so many people, but that didn't make loss much easier. Ellie was absolutely heartbroken. Oran had become a brother to her. Merlin wished he could have sent away Oran in the Lake at Camelot in one of the old wooden boats, like he had done for most of his loved ones. It was a painful experience, but it was one that felt right when it came to saying goodbye to a friend. Merlin and Ellie held a small memorial, just the two of them. Unable to stay, and unable to track down the elusive sorcerer hunter, the two packed up as they'd done so many times before and left.

The dawn of the 20th century found Merlin and Ellie living in Florida. Merlin was finding that his Arthur dream was occurring more and more often. So much so that he thought they must be a sign. He was even now having dreams that featured Kilgharrah, offering him the same prophecy as he had at Arthur's death—that Arthur would return again when Albion's need was greatest. It seemed to serve as a reminder. As if he could ever forget. These signs encouraged Merlin, of course, for he thought that Arthur's return would be soon. He and Ellie hastily made their way back to Albion, England, both increasingly excited. The two of them had visited Albion fairly regularly throughout the years. Though Merlin liked to travel the world, he could never stay too far away from Arthur's place for long. He always had to return to constantly check, just in case. He had faith though, that when the time came for Arthur's return, he would be there. After all, it was his destiny. And he was happy to be there for Arthur until the day he died, no matter how long that may be.

Merlin and Ellie's sense of time was different from the average person, as they'd expanded their lifespans. Decades didn't seem very long for them anymore. There was no telling when Arthur would make his return, but because of his dreams, Merlin thought it must be soon, within the century.

They remained in Albion for the century, which felt like settling down. They were no longer traveling around, being nomads, but had essentially made a permanent home. They'd made and gathered money throughout the years, so rent wasn't an issue but sometimes either one of them held a job just in case. Albion was a hotbed for sorcerers, though the normal residents were unaware. The magical community was all underground of course but Albion seemed to be their meeting place. Mostly every sorcerer ended up here at some point in their lives. Merlin tried to stay under the radar as he was pretty well-known to sorcerers. Ellie herself had gained a reputation, too, as a very strong healer. She could heal most wounds and could eradicate minor illnesses. She was happy to help those who needed her, though she rarely used her power on non-magical people anymore. In today's age, people were not accepting and unbelieving of any such power. If she weren't careful, she could reveal herself to the population, as well as the rest of the magical community. Such an occurrence could cause worldwide uproar, panic, and religious fervor. Nobody wanted that.

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